Never Ending Thirst for the quest (Case of Schizophrenia)

By chaina karmakar

Would like to share one more interesting experience while dealing with a case of Schizophrenia(as per the doctor's diagnosis), where as i feel its disharmony at Mind-body-emotions layer and that leads to imbalance in electromagnetic field of a person which decides the energy level overall. In gratitude to share my experience with all of you.


Never Ending Thirst for the quest

A case of Schizophrenia:

A 26 years old girl, who was a Journalist by profession, had huge thirst for mysticism. To quench that thirst she started with experimentation on her own. She gathered all the information using search engine to meditate and to gain power. Out of body experience was her fascination and she experienced it couple of times, as she claimed. She was enjoying the experience but all of a sudden things started reversing, fear grips in so badly that she barely had sleep. Hallucination started with suicidal tendency. Parents had to intervene and they get her back to native place and her nightmare started. Parents had sleepless nights in order to protect her as she wanted to end her life. Her imagination and curiosity hand landed her up in loop of mental disorder, Schizophrenia.


In her case, the hopelessness was very high and for her, ending life was the only solution left. As she was competing with herself, anger towards self was at peak. Being very ambitious, she was chasing power. All these things brought together an internal state of turmoil which she couldn’t handle. Self criticism was very high as faith in life got eroded while going through the roller coaster ride of life. On one side were her dreams and aspirations which were more than big and on other side were the challenges which she felt unequipped to handle and thus created a state of mental instability, which always is an easy way to escape the situation unconsciously (no responsibility, no pressure to prove, no comparison)


They contacted us in a state of helplessness and agony. We started her healing and she responded very fast. Within one session her mind started calming down and she started sleeping well. After a week or so, when she was more open and receptive, we started the treatment in full fledged manner where we worked on her physical body work, and aided her with distant healing, coaching, and also working on DNA thread. Slowly we started to empower her with different tools and techniques. She had immense desire and willpower to come out of the situation at a fast pace.


Ecosystem of the patient’s surroundings is of utmost importance and in her case, the parents provided uninterrupted 24* 7 support. If they won’t have provided the unconditional support, her recovery won’t have been possible.


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Hi, What has been the follow up? Has the suicidal ideation disappeared ? What is the general mood like? energy levels? Social and Professional rehabilitation of the patient? Could you please elaborate on all these aspects and also provide your contact details. Regards.

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