Power of Healing - Through the mind

By Ravi Valluri

Winter was quite chilly in Delhi and to keep himself warm, a middle aged man obese man had a swig of Old Monk rum. He felt warmer and chewed a piece of chicken with great relish. But soon, he started perspiring and feeling nauseous. His facial muscles twitched and he felt a real thud in his chest region.

The anxious home maker rushed to the neighbours seeking help. The anxious neighbours called for an ambulance and rang up the doctor. It was a state of emergency.  Visiting the neighbours was an Art of Living Teacher, who immediately rushed to the aid of the patient.

He advised the patient to adopt a posture called the ‘Sanjivini’ Mudra and take deep breaths. Sanjivini Mudra , entails fixing the index finger on the base of the thumb and middle and ring finger touch the thumb , while the little finger is spread apart. And while adopting the’ Mudra’ the individual needs to take deep ‘Ujjayi’ ( victory) breaths.  While inhaling Ujjayi breaths an individual feels the stimulation in the throat region. This duration of the breath increases and becomes finer too.

The patient afflicted with the heart attack surrendered  to his saviour and continued with this breathing technique, till he was hospitalised.

The ECG did not reveal any great damage to the heart and the medical team  grudgingly accepted  the intrinsic and therapeutic values of ‘Sanjivini Mudra’.

Along with the breath, the mind was relaxed during those tense moments as the patient was wheeled into the ICU.

On recovery from myocardia infraction the middle aged person undertook courses of the Art of Living and learned the unique breathing technique of Sudarshan Kriya, which detoxified his system and craving for drinking and helped him to stage both physical and mental recovery.

‘Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of great opportunity ‘said Hippocrates.

This window of opportunity is provided by the human mind. If we feel that we are sick and chronically ill, then healing process gets thwarted and impaired.

Mind plays a pivotal role in healing process of an individual.  When we get up every morning, we should take a few deep breaths and feel grateful, blessed and abundant to whatever has been provided by the nature , our Universe. This augurs well for the body and the mind.

It would be a worthwhile exercise to scan the body and check our levels of freshness, are we suffering from any stiffness or soreness, headache etc to maximise the vitality of system.

Mind remains  an enigma , with reservoir of potential which we fail to tap. If exploited to optimum level , it can help in destroying  cariogenic cells , eliminating toxins, combating infections, fighting foreign bodies and enhancing self –repair mechanism.  The placebo effect of human mind plays a major role in recovery of a patient.

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