Power of prayer

April 2014

By Jamuna Rangachari

Jamuna Rangachari interviews Elise Moore, a Christian Science healer, whose firm faith in the power of prayer has wrought many miracles


Christian Science, one of the many different sects in Christianity, was an unfamiliar faith to me, but I was intrigued to discover that members of the sect do not subscribe to medical healing, but instead resort only to the power of prayer. Recently, Elise Moore, a distinguished Christian Science healer, came to Mumbai and I was fortunate enough to attend her lecture. Elise was raised in a Christian Science family. The first healing she remembers was on her 6th birthday when she fell off a new bicycle, and was picked up unconscious and bleeding. Her parents read the Bible lesson to her, and through the power of God, Elise was healed within the hour. Elise began talking to others about Christian Science and began healing herself and others. She has been a Christian Science practitioner since 1985, and a teacher of Christian Science since 1997. Elise has lectured in 16 countries, including India, and more than 300 cities in English and Spanish. Impressed by her many stories of amazing healings, I contacted her for an interview.


You have been exposed to the power of prayer since you were a child. When did you become a firm believer?

My mother read to me from the Bible and from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, every day when I was still in the womb. After I was born, my mother continued reading spiritual lessons to me every day. From the first moment, I remember thinking about God and having a conviction in the power of prayer to transform and heal. I can’t remember a moment when I did not deeply believe this. I attribute my life-long conviction to my mother.

You have said Divine Love is a tangible protection for all of us. Why then do people still suffer, in health and other areas?

There are many ways to understand God. One way to understand God is as Divine Love, that God is the source of Love, infinite Love, all Love, only Love. God is the Creator of all that is good. If it is not good, then it is not from God and doesn’t receive the approval or blessing of God. Where does suffering come from? It comes from an ignorance of God and sometimes from a wilful disobedience or rejection of God. Understanding more about God as good, as Love, can change one’s worldview to
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