How to protect our MIND – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

How to protect our MIND – Sri Sri ┬áRavi ShankarIn one of the Satsangs in the Ashram, Guruji started the discourse in a rarely heard serious tone. He said, all the thoughts that come up in your mind are ‘BEKAAR’ (Useless), so throw them out! Most of the thoughts are linked to the past events. Even if they have created some impressions they won’t stay too long unless we cling on to them.Our mind is a battle ground of so many conflicts. The moment we like something we already dislike something else. Our mind has so many desires which when unfulfilled create depression and anger, and when fulfilled causes boredom. So many thoughts bombard our mind all the time. If we have some talents, we think we are special. When we see someone more talented we feel jealous. When we clog our mind with small little things like words from people, blames, insults, praises, appreciation etc. our mind becomes small (Kshudra Chinntan).

Guruji says when our mind is caught up in events it goes on chewing on it like chewing gum which doesn’t give nutrition and it also tires the mouth. Entertaining thoughts are as useless as that. The very nature of the world is to irritate us. The ultimate skill is to move through life without letting the daily irritations and conflicts touch our inner core.

Just imagine we are walking ‘immaculately dressed’ on a muddy road on a rainy day. Vehicles are plying up and down splashing muddy drops all the time. How careful will you be to protect your beautiful dress? So how much more care we should take to protect our mind which is more beautiful than beauty itself (Srutwapi Suddha Chaitanyam Atmanam Athi Sundaram).

Protect your mind like a Belgian glass. Even a small scratch destroys it’s beauty. Drop the small mind and be with the Big mind which is your true nature (Suddha Budha Swaroopam – Pure Consciousness).

The moment we learn this skill, WE WILL BE FREE!

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