The psychic breath

By Shameem Akhtar

May 2014

Apart from the physical breath, there is the psychic breath that heals and yokes, says Shameem Akthar


Before I started on yoga if anybody had told me that the breath had another movement apart from what transpired at the nostrils, I would have laughed at the person, and thought them mad. But today, after a matter of daily practice and teaching, I am humbled to realise how wrong I and my rational mind were.

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It was right in the beginning of my love affair with yoga that I had attended a workshop with the Bihar School of Yoga on prana vidya. When I had one of my chronic bronchitis attack (which resolved as I advanced in my practice), I tried the prana vidya technique. It was one of those torturous nights, when the racking cough was all set to keep me awake. But when I started on the prana vidya meditation, after a while miraculously the coughing stopped.

In this meditation, you direct your breath, after connecting it to the higher source of energy from where the breath and everything else flows, to the area that requires healing. In this case, I directed it to my throat, and lo, the coughing stopped. I realised through my reiki practitioner friends, this was somewhat similar to what they do. It seems prana/ki/chi are just different names to the same form of energy that may be directed like this. And every Eastern healing tradition uses this psychic movement of the breath in an intimate and assured way to heal oneself or others. It is often, I realise, what I am required to do in a class – connect with the group in front of me, and therefore have them experience the magic of yoga, as a matter of transmission – on the wings of a connecting psychic breath – rather than verbalisation. The prana/breath may thus be directed by a matter of awareness. Often, you can resolve a conflict in a similar manner, by the intending of it rather than any argument over it. This way of directing your energy should be harnessed intensely in asana and pranayama practice too. You will find that seemingly difficult practices may be transited rather easily by such psychic breath awareness. The breath becomes released when the mind becomes intensely aware of everything  in the present moment. When the mind stays in the moment, the breath will be relaxed. Of this, only a fraction is the actual physical breath at the nostril. The rest of it is the cosmic one. To lose sight of this psychic aspect
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Hi Shameem, I have been practicing Yoga for the last 50 years or rather, in touch with yoga. I totally believe that Yoga can help a person physically and also to raise the awareness. I very strongly believe that these are the things one should learn again. This is the breath that was taught when I was learning pranic healing. Thanks you for helping me to reiterate. I will surely start this breathing technique again.

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Ramdeo Choudhary.

This is very good and informative topics experienced and verified by the author herself and then shared with public. The present race of humanity are too mental to accept , in stead of following and practicing, they would prefer to argue and possibly challenge also to nourish their mind. I for one smell truth in the authors statement and would try to make it a practice, immediately after getting up in the morning at 5am. With regards , Choudhary.

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Hi Ravi, According to you this is just , ratio, breath and belly movement, but actually it is not. Let me explain. Most of the ailment occurs due to Toxins.Toxins which are bad for body and cleansing of toxins will reduce and repair and cure ailment. Now when one inhale count 4 and exhale count 6, it means more breath is flown out of body then taken.This breathing out more takes out toxins from the body. More Inhale and lesser exhale do not serve this purpose.But more exhale and less inhale serve the purpose. The routine of 4 count of inhale and 6 count of exhale will definitely improve your high blood pressure.Mudras like Apan Mudra where middle 2 figure are touched with the thumb tip and done 45 mins a day will also help taking out Toxins from your body.The real part is one need to able to do it.I have experienced that this Apan Mudra doing for 45 mins daily will show you a significant improvement after just 3-4 days.

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bharat nagori

thank you very much . it is most effective pranayama for cronic and for coughing

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Hello Thank you for sharing this method. however I connot see how this will cure a disease elsewhere in the body as we are only focussing on ratio, breath and belly movement. Or am I misding something. Thank you for an early reply. Ravi

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very good article. informative.

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