'Quantum leap towards well-being

June 2014

By Life Positive

What would be your take on a single-drop blood test that tells you about your health, identifies all dysfunctions and their underlying causes, and creates a unique programme that best suits you as an individual? Impressive, isn’t it?

Your world in a single dropYour world in a single drop

B.A.H is a new wave in the 21st century biological medicine that considers each person as a unique individual with incredible healing abilities. It is an advanced diagnostic and evaluation method that is based upon a single-drop blood test. This system also allows for details from dosage to duration, and evaluates numerous integrative modalities and disciplines, piecing them together with great simplicity. Diagnostic and treatment prescription is based on quantum principles, universal laws and human body intelligence system. B.A.H. has been clinically shown to achieve repeated positive results in a large number of chronic medical cases.

This technique is all set to make its debut in India through the Quantum Institute of Wellbeing, a not-for-profit trust. The soon-to-be-launched institute is a part of the process that will bring quantum thinkers together in a sustainable, supportive and authentic manner. Dr Thomas K Szulc, a renowned physician from New York and the author of ‘Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H)’, conducted a seminar in April and provided training to doctors on B.A.H. He attempted to bridge the gap between demand and supply in the healthcare system by bringing Quantum Medicine to India at lower costs.“B.A.H. is an innovative method of analysing a person’s health since it offers a complementary tool for a comprehensive analysis to reach the root cause of an illness. A system where the therapy has no side-effects, which assists in the healing process. I have seen the benefits myself and believe India would gain immensely from this system of medicine. It involves a higher spiritual level on the part of the healer,” says Dr Ashutosh Shukla, Director, department of Internal Medicine, Artemis Hospital, one of the doctors trained by Dr Szulc. The institute is being set up in Delhi and will be managed by a panchayat which will be nominated based on their knowledge, maturity, credibility and
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meitha susanti

Hi, I am 38 years okd Indonesian female. I have an auto immune disease whivh makes me gradually losing my sight for almost 12 years. Can you please help me? Can I get a free B.A.H test? Thank you

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