February 2015

By Jamuna Rangachari

Raw is wholesome, raw is healthy, but can raw be relished? All doubts dissolved when I attended Rupinder Kaur’s workshop on raw foods  and saw her son Jagjyot, 41/2, and  other participants, wallop down the food. And so did I, once I got started! Among the delectable ware was a delicious carrot cupcake made by blending grated carrots and dates along with some walnuts, ginger and cinnamon.

This was then topped by an icing of  avocado, orange juice, cinnamon and dates! We were also treated to the delectable guacamole, made by mixing the creamy pulp of a ripe avocado with tomatoes, green onions and lemon juice.

Rupinder Kaur: Making raw deliciousRupinder Kaur: Making raw delicious

Rupinder’s journey began when she was 30, working as a commissioning editor in a multinational corporation. In July 2012, she fell sick with fever which was later diagnosed as hepatitis (jaundice). Thereafter, her health continued to decline. Matters came to a head when her mother died in October of the same year after a sudden stroke. The loss debilitated her, soon manifesting as the inability to walk properly, particularly at night. Asthma and breathing issues added to her difficulty as did insomnia, restlessness, frequent urine infections, weight gain, stress, irritability, anger and so on.

Nothing helped her till she heard about Anjali Sanghi, a raw food advocate and healer. Anjali, based in Pondicherry, advised her to leave dairy and dairy products as they promoted acidity and gastric issues. She also told her to eat fresh fruits and have green smoothies daily.

Within two to three days her bloating problem ended completely, and the pain under her feet reduced. She could place her feet firmly on the ground and walk a little faster. She began getting sound sleep. Her energy levels increased, and she started feeling energetic and lighter in the first week itself. Today, in all ways, she is completely healthy.

To share her raw food lifestyle and health benefits, she now holds cookery classes in Delhi once a month. She is also in the process of writing a book on Indian raw sweets and desserts. Am looking forward to having it on my
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