Reversal of my heart ailment, naturally

By Orlando Braganza

On 23 Dec 2013: My routine medical pre-sea test revealed a positive stress test result. ( I was advised angiography). On 27 dec 2013: Angiography revealed 5 artery blocks of critical nature. CABG was recommended. While planning my surgery, and at the threshold of an appointment with a renowned Cardiac surgeon in Mumbai,

I stumbled by my good destiny, upon a path that led me to believe I could completely reverse the disease naturally.

This path was laid out by LIFE Positive via the link:

This was sent to me by a caring young friend on 29 Dec. 2013.

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Cascading into alternative therapies and cures for my condition from this link, I was able to get all the information I needed to change the course of my life. Instead of succumbing to the much hyped Bypass method and surgical interventional approach and it’s inherent after effects, I got the courage by good guidance to take the natural holistic approach to heal and reverse my condition and have achieved success as explained below :-

I continued the medication prescribed post angiography for blood management and blood pressure control and: on 08 January 2014, I embraced the non invasive treatment program prescribed by The Global Heart Foundation Pune.

I did the recommended 35 sessions of EECP between 08 Jan 2014 and 22 Feb 2014. I had Placed in my psyche what EECP does: Induces Formation of collateral blood vessels in the coronary artery tree by stimulating release of nitric oxide and other growth factors within the coronary arteries. EECP acts as a form of passive exercise, giving persistent beneficial changes in the autonomous nervous system that are seen with real exercise. LONG LASTING beneficial changes are PROVOKED in the circulatory system.

I have completed an ayurvedic  course of Myodrops capsules, taken the max dose of 6 caps a day. It is a well researched medication, approved by FDA India.

Action of the formulation:

  • Improves myocardial contractility
  • Enhances myo perfusion
  • Improves arterial elasticity
  • Clears soft plaques
  • Increases Myocardial blood flow
  • Opens up collaterals
  • Reduces abnormal dilation of the heart

Regular daily exercise,:  Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation. When calm state of no thought is reached in meditation: Used visualization. Choosing and directing a mental image of something you
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