Reverse your diabetes

By Dr. Nandita Shah

July 2012

Dr Nandita Shah, founder of SHARAN, believes that complete change in one’s eating habits, coupled with exercise, is all that is needed to get sugar levels under control, and she can prove it

Try it!
If you want to do it too, how do you begin? Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Learning and preparation: Doing anything new requires some learning. Get yourself some recipes which use fully plant-based foods, and practise making dishes you will like. Read up on healthy vegan cooking. You can find more help on the website

Step 2. Where to shop: Go to the health food store and try new foods. Learn how to make wonderful salads and where to buy all the ingredients.

Step 3. What to eat: Make a list of all the dishes you could have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Remember, a plant-based diet makes you will feel light and energetic, but in the beginning when this feeling is new, you will feel hungry. The good news is that you can eat as much as you want!

Step 4. Get all your lab reports including

Dr Nandita Shah teaches the benefits of plant-based cooking

2. Routine stool
3. Routine urine
4. Liver function tests
5. Kidney function tests
6. Lipid profile
7. Thyroid function ests
8. Blood pressure
9. Fasting blood sugar
10. ECG
11. it B12 and Vit D levels
12. Height and Weight
13. PPBS and HBA1C

Step 5. Get support. Do it with a friend or a family member. Use each other to dissuade you from falling off the wagon. Pledge to keep each other company for 21 days.

Step 6. Cleansing: Once you are ready, throw out everything that does not fit into your new regimen. Get rid of all the animal products – cheese, butter, paneer, curds, milk, eggs, meat, fish, and fowl, and all the refined products such as sugar, oil, polished rice, white flour, and juices. Once you have done this cleansing, you can begin to think clearly.

Step 8. Shopping: Buy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. These will be the new staple. Buy some whole grains, nuts, and seeds. And begin!

Step 9. Remember to be consistent. No exceptions. Plan for 21 days, and not more. You are not pledging for a whole lifetime, it is just three
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nilima joshi

I have been diagnosed as a diabetic since 2013. Though i am trying to follow a sensible diet i would like to know how can i reverse this disease.

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