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April 2014

By Punya Srivatsava

When you seal your aura, not only can you heal your illness, but you can also prevent its onset, says Punya Srivastava


In the field of alternative therapies, distinction is often made between curing and healing. While allopathy cures symptoms, alternative therapies can help heal the disease itself. One such therapy is aura healing.

Nikita Bhalsavar, a school teacher from Noida, shares her experience of going through the rigour of mainstream medicines only to be guided towards alternative healing, three years back. “My 18-year-old daughter took up hostel accommodation on joining college. Within a month, she started having bouts of low blood pressure, morning sickness and fainted quite a few times in between her classes. I attributed this to the poor food in her hostel mess and homesickness. I got her checked by a homeopath but her condition didn’t improve. It was only when a neighbour, who is also an astrologer, asked me to get her aura scanned that she was diagnosed with the onset of hyperthyroidism,” she shares.

In aura healing, the first step is to conduct an aural diagnosis. It is done by raising our perceptual ability to become aware of the energy field of the patient by concentrating on his/her aura. Once this is done, the optimum approach to heal the patient is then chosen. In aura scanning, the cause of the illness is probed, which might have its roots in the person’s childhood or even in various past lives. Once that is established, various ways to enhance aura are deployed.

What is an aura ?

Aura is subtle-non physical energy, which is luminous and looks like a rainbow of light that infuses and surrounds physical structures such as the human body, trees, and animals. The halo that is frequently depicted around the heads of gods, ascended masters or spiritually evolved people in paintings, is nothing but the aura. “An aura is an electromagnetic energy information field that surrounds the physical body,” says R Lakshmi Devi, founder of Yoga PranaVidya, Delhi. “The frequency of aura is below infra red and therefore, the human eye cannot detect it. However, with a little practice, we can sensitise our hands to scan the aura,” she adds. Another way to scan an aura is through the special GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) camera that effectively creates a map of a person’s aura.

Aura provides the protection field – from emotional to mental, physical and spiritual well-being. The strength, colours, viscosity, and size of the aura depends on many factors like spiritual evolution, thoughts, inner strength and health. “It can be positive or negative depending on the person’s thought process and intentions. Negative or dark aura can be very strong, and a positive aura can be very weak and vice-versa. A non-spiritual person can also have a strong aura if he/she has a strong thought process and inner strength,” says Sunny Etimaal, a Delhi-based holistic healer and a born psychic.

How does aura perforation affect us ?

Any disturbance in the physical body appears in the auric body. It has been seen that any disease that affects the physical body shows its first signs in the auric body months before its manifestation. The healthier the person, the stronger will be the aura, and the greater his resistance to any ailment. By cleansing or healing the aura, a person can prevent ailments. If there are holes in the aura, it can provide an entrance to negative energy. An aura becomes a storehouse of all the thoughts that we think in a day. These thoughts keep accumulating in our aura making it dirty. Hence, it affects our mood and the way we think and feel.

“Aura is a phenomenon which reflects what’s going on inside our physical, mental, and emotional body. Hence, instead of saying it affects us, let’s take it as a mirror that shows what is affecting our body, and causing strength or weakness, pain or pleasure, health or sickness, love or hate, insecurities or securities,” says Sunny. Every emotional stress, financial stress, mental stress – be it in friendship, relationship, work place or school – affects our feelings, our inner strength and thoughts and makes us feel hollow, alone, sad and lost. This results in a very weak vulnerable aura, and our protection weakens. Traumatic events can also damage the aura. We find ourselves more vulnerable to the energy around us. We suddenly find ourselves reluctant to leave the safety of our houses, unwilling to go out in crowds, and refuse invitations from friends.

However, we can heal our aura and can change our condition, thoughts and feelings for the better. By maintaining a healthy aura a person feels happier, can think accurately, and maintain a healthy body at all times. “I still remember the first time I healed my own aura. It was an out-of-the-world experience. I had just begun my spiritual journey in 2004, and found out that I was surrounded by negative energies which were feeding on my aura and weakening it. I took myself into a zero-thought state, and meditated to strengthen my aura. I removed all the unworthy links latched on my auric body by regular meditation and healing rituals,” shares Sunny.

Healing the aura

“Our aura is made up of health rays that penetrate every cell of our body and kick out the foul energies present in them. There are many ways by which we can heal or maintain its good health,” says Lakshmi Devi. According to her, aura can be healed by eating food that is rich in prana, having dry fruits, vegetables and fruits; exercising in open spaces, taking walks in greenery, bathing in the sea or using sea salt while showering. Trekking up the mountains is another fun-filled way of feeding your aura apart from meditation and pranayama.

“I had been battling pain in my shoulders and a stiff neck since the last three to four years. Doctors diagnosed it as muscle damage and no amount of physiotherapy helped me get rid of it. I kept popping pain killers to battle the pain. It was only when I attended a session of aura healing last year that the pain was relieved. Within four sessions, the pain completely vanished. It was nothing less than a miracle for me,” says Vernica Mehta, a PR professional in Gurgaon, who since then has been regularly cleansing her aura by meditating and practising forgiveness.

Spike your aura with prana

Prana is greatest in food that is naturally brightly coloured, nutrient-dense, and derived from plants and animals that were healthy, and recently alive. The best foods are raw or lightly cooked garden vegetables and fresh meat. The farther the food is from its source, the less prana it will contain. If it is very heavily processed and high in sugar, food will steal the body’s nutrients and deplete prana.

“Forgiveness immensely helps in filling a person’s aura with loving energies thereby automatically cleaning the person’s aura of negative energies. By forgiving, a person’s emotional and mental state improves and he/she tend to get healed faster. A person with increased aura is much more receptive to healing,” supplies Anupama Sharma, an energy healer from Delhi. She gives the example of a young boy who was healed from the constant pain in his temples due to exam stress, when his aura was expanded. “He was an atheist, but l asked him to read a prayer. Within minutes his pain was gone. By reading the prayer his aura expanded manifold, and he instantly became receptive to the given healing. Since that day he has become very receptive to spirituality, and has started believing in God,” she explains.

Nikita too, got her daughter’s aura scanned and expanded.”The first step towards healing was to expand her diminished aura. The power of prayer did that and made it easier for her to empower her throat chakra, which healed her thyroid problem,” she says.

Cleanse your aura


• Comb the aura from top to bottom and bottom to top to remove any negativities and foreign elements by using bird feathers.

• Use the stones associated with each of the seven chakras to balance the chakras.

• Ginseng, a Far Eastern root, helps to heal auras. So do bee pollen and wheat grass.

• Drink blessed or charged water.

• Try holistic healing, whereby the healer uses his/her energy to balance the energy of the patient.

• Try spiritual healing whereby the healer prays or calls to the Divine to heal the patient and his/her aura.

• Try angel healing: In this healing, archangels are called for aura healing.

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Ramdeo Choudhary.

Aura healing is a good practice and it has to be nurtured with positive thoughts, prayer and meditation. But the main issue is how to neutralise the past Karmic effect? Before the positive aura sets in bit of cleaning or sanitisation of our auric body is essential. I strongly believe and have personal proof that by Chanting HARI-NAM , the cleansing of the mirror is very fast and conclusive and not illusive. All other methods are based on affirmative approach where as there is no such condition with chanting process. To bring back the fickle mind back to it's harmony through affirmative approach is more difficult, where as chanting with even negative mind without faith simply restores equilibrium and brings back our senses in alignment with our inner self. The effect is irreversible. Garbage and karmic layers of good and bad Karma of past lives get deleted from the memory field. At this stage the light of positive aura engulfs and enlightens one and all with the real knowledge of body, owner of the body and the cosmic owner of all the bodies.Perfect sealing and healing of mind takes place giving rise to clear understandings and accurate thoughts occurring on any matter, outer or inner. However the efforts and experience of the author deserve praise by one and all.

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Very Good article thanks

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saraswathi narayanan

Meditation has a wonderful effect in increasing the aura of a person. When one meditates, the aura around the head acquires a glow which may be attributed to divinity as we automatically get in touch with our higher self and enable ourselves to receive healing energies.

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