Seal and heal

April 2014

By Punya Srivatsava

When you seal your aura, not only can you heal your illness, but you can also prevent its onset, says Punya Srivastava


In the field of alternative therapies, distinction is often made between curing and healing. While allopathy cures symptoms, alternative therapies can help heal the disease itself. One such therapy is aura healing.

Nikita Bhalsavar, a school teacher from Noida, shares her experience of going through the rigour of mainstream medicines only to be guided towards alternative healing, three years back. “My 18-year-old daughter took up hostel accommodation on joining college. Within a month, she started having bouts of low blood pressure, morning sickness and fainted quite a few times in between her classes. I attributed this to the poor food in her hostel mess and homesickness. I got her checked by a homeopath but her condition didn’t improve. It was only when a neighbour, who is also an astrologer, asked me to get her aura scanned that she was diagnosed with the onset of hyperthyroidism,” she shares.

In aura healing, the first step is to conduct an aural diagnosis. It is done by raising our perceptual ability to become aware of the energy field of the patient by concentrating on his/her aura. Once this is done, the optimum approach to heal the patient is then chosen. In aura scanning, the cause of the illness is probed, which might have its roots in the person’s childhood or even in various past lives. Once that is established, various ways to enhance aura are deployed.

What is an aura ?

Aura is subtle-non physical energy, which is luminous and looks like a rainbow of light that infuses and surrounds physical structures such as the human body, trees, and animals. The halo that is frequently depicted around the heads of gods, ascended masters or spiritually evolved people in paintings, is nothing but the aura. “An aura is an electromagnetic energy information field that surrounds the physical body,” says R Lakshmi Devi, founder of Yoga PranaVidya, Delhi. “The frequency of aura is below infra red and therefore, the human eye cannot detect it. However, with a little practice, we can sensitise our hands to scan the aura,” she adds. Another way to scan an aura is through the special GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) camera that effectively creates a map of a person’s aura.

Aura provides the protection field – from
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Ramdeo Choudhary.

Aura healing is a good practice and it has to be nurtured with positive thoughts, prayer and meditation. But the main issue is how to neutralise the past Karmic effect? Before the positive aura sets in bit of cleaning or sanitisation of our auric body is essential. I strongly believe and have personal proof that by Chanting HARI-NAM , the cleansing of the mirror is very fast and conclusive and not illusive. All other methods are based on affirmative approach where as there is no such condition with chanting process. To bring back the fickle mind back to it's harmony through affirmative approach is more difficult, where as chanting with even negative mind without faith simply restores equilibrium and brings back our senses in alignment with our inner self. The effect is irreversible. Garbage and karmic layers of good and bad Karma of past lives get deleted from the memory field. At this stage the light of positive aura engulfs and enlightens one and all with the real knowledge of body, owner of the body and the cosmic owner of all the bodies.Perfect sealing and healing of mind takes place giving rise to clear understandings and accurate thoughts occurring on any matter, outer or inner. However the efforts and experience of the author deserve praise by one and all.

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Very Good article thanks

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saraswathi narayanan

Meditation has a wonderful effect in increasing the aura of a person. When one meditates, the aura around the head acquires a glow which may be attributed to divinity as we automatically get in touch with our higher self and enable ourselves to receive healing energies.

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