Seeker's Says

A resolute woman

Rita was yet to be born. Her parents, Prabha Devi and Prabhat Kumar were migrant labour from Bihar, working at a construction site in Delhi. Along with seven more laborers, were sleeping on the... read more

Steps for Purification

7. Our self can get purified…only by maintenance of silence. One can achieve golden silence by undertaking the Advanced Meditation Course of the Art of Living or through undertaking the... read more

Happy New Year

Allen, Javagal and I form a famous triad, my wife, relatives and friends often remarked. There was a time when we bid adieu to the year gone by partying hard. Binge-drinking and maximal carousal... read more

Cleaning up Hindu Temples

A striking feature of all Sikh Shrines, is their  remarkable cleanliness and   the  amazing tranquility. Strains of mellifluous Kirtan in the background  is an uplifting experience as a seeker or a... read more
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