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Beautiful questions : Awesome Answers

by Ravi Valluri

  Ques: Guru Ji, Do you have any goals? Sri Sri: I just inspire the people to set their goals.   Ques: Guru Ji, You are our role model ! Sri Sri: But I model all your roles......     More

Equilibrium, Equanimity and Equipoise

by Ravi Valluri

  Someone  has indeed  taxed my brain. And this is  a challenging question which needs considerable thought to answer. The difference between equilibrium, equanimity and equipoise .   .....     More

The amazing journey of Rajan Sankaran .....

by Jayesh Parikh

 This is the story of how Rajan Sankaran learnt about ethics, love, friendship, passion, values and being human through his life journey.  With  '.....     More

Change - Break the shackles

by Vikas Varma

Dear Master please share why we are trapped in the rut of life and why does maya grip us? The loving Master explained “The world we live in today is based on power, manipulation and control. This process starts right from the sch.....     More

Defining ourselves through loving relationships

by Jamuna Rangachari

We learn many things nowadays but often end up neglecting the most important aspect of our lives, which are relationships. Let us learn to make them more nourishing to us and the other. .....     More

The only thing we need to deal with is ourselves

by Puneeta

When life seems challenging due to a relationship, career or health etc. we often resort to finding whom to blame or what’s the reason outside of ourself. The real reason and answer is all within us, if we are willing to look at ourselves more deeply. "Knowing yourself is the be.....     More