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A Course In Miracles - From fear to love

A course in miracles is actually a course in which total subjects are mentioned of how they can experience miracles. This course assures you of the tons of positive miracles in your life. But for really experiencing these blissful drops of serene miracles, the seeker has to conquer. He has to conquer his negative emotions with the positive herculean power.

Then only the flowers of life can transform into the fruits of peace.

Life Positive renders certified and verified A course in miracles sessions via it's high-minded and authentic A course in miracles facilitator. Through these sessions, you will be actively fixing all your bugs regarding this blissful healing.

What A course in miracles conquers?

You must have read about the pandora box of troubles in the short stories book of your tender age. If not, then let's recall and relate a little bit. As soon as that Pandora box of troubles opened-up and gets unlocked, it was opened with the bombardment of miseries and mishappenings and all the bad omens crawled into this world. There was a catastrophe and yelling havoc felt at different vertices of the world.

Let's understand these miseries in today's world. Arguably, these are in the form of negative energies in your present world and mind. The only factor which is not letting you free from your negative mindset feelings of attack, ego, fear, competition, depression, nervousness, low self-confidence.

A course in miracles converts and conquers all these psychological pains into positive energies which then ultimately reshuffles into slides of miracles. The positive knowledge of miracles can bring vigorous positive energies. These energies will uplift the inner soul and can make you work in a way the world will remember. But remember one thing, that is, to feel the torpedo of miracles, the pre-requirement is having a positive attitude, audacity of self-confidence, living in the present altitudes. Without these, you cannot unlock the pandora box of miracles.

What is ACIM?

The foundation of a well-nourished emotional quotient is a short journey from head to heart. It gives rise to a well-balanced approach to every interaction we have. A shift in perception, from fear to love changes your world forever. A knowing that your joie de vivre (joy of anything), is in you.

In addition, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a book on spiritual psychotherapy, which literally means treatment of mind through spiritual methods. It is not a religion, neither it is a cult. There are no temples dedicated to its teachings.

Albert Einstein also said, "there are two ways of living your life, you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle". When you live as if nothing is a miracle, you get trapped in the chaos of the world. In this world, feelings of attack, ego, fear, competition, etc rule your world, in chaos, there is a constant quest for another way.

Some more spiritual help and benefits of ACIM...

Specifically, A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. ACIM is a teaching device that helps you live your life as if everything is a miracle and accordingly helps you find a positive way. It helps in shifting your thought system from low vibrational thoughts to high vibration thoughts of kindness, compassion, love, etc. More importantly, the thought system changes naturally and effortlessly. A person starts experiencing it in a day to day encounters, thereby frowns and stress take place of smiles, bliss, and forgiveness. Always keep in mind that Forgiveness is the home of miracles.

Furthermore, the question to be asked is "do you want to happy and peaceful, or you want to be right?" or "Do you want to choose our inner power over the small self which is created through fear-based emotions?".

Therefore, A Course in Miracles helps you find answers to the most relevant questions we face in our day to day life. How wonderful it will be if your heart always smiles, and you are able to be the highest expression of yourself at all times

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