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What is Access Consciousness - Experience magical energy shift

If you have always wanted to have a different outlook on life, then you may also want to know what is access consciousness. This is a type of healing therapy that helps you change anything you want in life. It helps you create the life you want.

When you "access" your "consciousness" you realize that there is nothing out of your reach. Everything exists. There is no judgment.


What is access consciousness? What are access bars?

(Source: Infinite Space)

Access bars are bars of energy. They are 32 in number. They run around and through the head. These bars house the electromagnetic part of your ideas, emotions, decisions, attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs.

There are different bars. For example, you can find bars for body, for healing, for creativity, for power, for awareness, for control, for sex, for aging, for money, and more.

Each idea or thought or decision or attitude that you may have determined for the particular aspect of your life solidifies the energy. This restricts your capacity to succeed in the particular area of life.


How access consciousness helps: 

The bars session helps to clear blockages or restrictions that you have put due to your limiting beliefs and thoughts. It invites or opens up your mind to receive. Instead of doing anything, you need to receive.

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Access consciousness bars process

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The process helps to create a shift in your energies, which, in turn, shifts your life's scenario. Things that you had restricted yourselves to, due to your limiting beliefs, start happening with ease. This seems magic, but it is not. It is a simple science of energy shifts.

In the beginning, it would feel like hitting a brick wall. This is how limiting thoughts are. Each time you say, "I cannot do this" or "I will never do this," you create a wall. By the time you reach the mid age of your life, you may have created many walls. Now, the task is to break through these walls. It seems a difficult task. But an effective access consciousness bars process can do this.


Running the bars

For those wondering what is access consciousness, here comes the answer. Running the access bars is an energy process that involves light touching of points on the head by the practitioner. As a result, energy shifts. It leads to proper energy flow through the bars. When your access bars are running well the restrictions disappear. Electromagnetic charge is produced.

When you release stuck and stale energy you feel fresh and rejuvenated. It is like removing old and useless files from your PC. Now, you have room for new and trendier things in life.

Many people report that they feel calm after an access consciousness session. They are able to sleep better and manage stress better. Pregnant women are found to undergo easier labor.

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