What is Acupressure Therapy | Benefits of Acupressure

What is Acupressure Therapy?

Acupressure therapy is an alternative healing therapy that works on the principle of energy flow within the body. We have 72,000 nadis or meridians in our body and the smooth flow of energy in those nadis is responsible for good health. When any of those meridians get blocked it causes congestion of energy and thus needs to be healed. Constant or sharp pressure on these pressure points releases the blocked energy causing the energy to flow smoothly and effectively to all parts and organs of our body.

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How does it work?

There are various body types, as described by the science of this therapy. For example, there may be someone who is more comfortable in winters as their bodies generate more heat.  Also, this science describes the human body as a combination of constitutional make-up and actual health. Constitutionally, one might be more prone to having a weak stomach. Actually, they may still have healthy digestion by virtue of a balanced diet or other precautions

In a session, the therapist scans your body's main pressure points. They then move in a systematic order, usually starting from one's feet, and working their way up to the legs, back, arms, shoulders, and then the neck and head. Furthermore, a professional can just feel the points on your body and know which ones are blocked and which organ or system they are affecting. Each point or pressure point on one's body has a corresponding organ, gland, bone, muscle associated with it. Like all alternative treatments, this therapy also requires a few sessions for the patient to start noticing changes in their overall health. The exact duration depends upon the ailment and its severity.

A typical acupressure session lasts for about an hour. Sessions are conducted via any of the following modes - at an acupressure clinic, at a privately practicing therapist's venue, or at the patient's home.

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