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Avatar therapy- Are you ready to meet the real you?

"Once you become attached to something, it might disappear. Once you resist something, it might appear. Suffering flavors impermanence and change. Don't follow - surrender and flow through." - Excerpts from the book: Avatar Part 2: Private Lessons by Harry Palmer. If you believe in this, then the avatar is for you.

What is the avatar?

Before you understand this, please ponder over the following:

Are you secure enough emotionally about living life?

Do you wish to rise above the struggles and sorrows that life offers?

Do you want to experience the amazing state of consciousness?

Are you dying to be free of your past events and limiting beliefs that make you sad?

If you answer "yes" to any one or two or all of the above questions, then you are the best candidate for the avatar healing session. 

Interested in undergoing a session that might change your life? Life Positive offers professional sessions through trained avatar masters.

How does it benefit you?

An avatar session helps you discover your true self. You become more aware of the world you are living in. Your perception of things and people change. Knowledge about this type of healing helps you dig deeper into the wonderful creation, that is you. 

Avatar session helps you know about collective consciousness.

You become able to handle life's conditions. 
You understand your life's purpose better. 
You achieve a state where you stay calm and composed in the face of adversities in life. 
You begin to operate from the viewpoint of your higher self or according to the Divine plan. 
You become capable of perceiving reality without judging it or distorting it.
In a nutshell
Avatar lessons or sessions make you stop playing the victim in life. Don't be at the disposal of bad news, co-dependence in relationships, and dysfunctional families. The sessions will jerk you out of the feeling that you attract only bad luck, so it is better to have something than nothing. 

In short, you learn to ask from the Universe, instead of just taking what it throws in your lap. 

Of course, for a successful session, you must surrender to the Divine plan. But this is what you learn - the difference between surrendering and being the victim. 

It is high time you stopped life inflicting atrocities on yours. Take control. Contact a trained avatar master at Life Positive.