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Ever found a white feather enter your room out of the blue? Ever found a pleasant or similar fragrance lingering in your room that only you can recognize? You might have come across lyrics of a song all of a sudden playing somewhere or a few words staring at you from a billboard. These lyrics or words may resonate with you at that time. Well, all these are signs that your angels are speaking to you! Angel healing is about angels and how they come to heal you, but only when you ask them.

What is healing angels?

This is a spiritual healing technique. The therapist works with your guardian angels to solve your issues during a healing angels therapy session. He or she can also take the help of archangels. They are believed to manage the world of angels. The therapist uses an angel card deck and gives you angel readings. He or she can call your angels and deceased near and dear ones too.

Therapists believe that everybody has a guardian angel or angels. But they help you only when you ask for help from them. Your angels can guide you in all aspects of your life viz; health, finances, relationships, helping you recognize your true calling, and more. They can give you practical solutions to your daily life issues.

Instead of fretting over a problem, why don't you ask your guardian angels for help? Life Positive can help you contact the best angel healer who can help you connect with your angels.

How it feels talking to angels

According to angel healers, when you connect with your guardian angels it feels like you are talking to your family or close friends...somebody you haven't seen for a long time. You feel euphoric. As soon as you connect with your angels during a healing session, you, at once, feel a sense of recognition and love. This automatically heals you from a deeper level. You can then open up your heart and tell them your problems. You need not hesitate with them. You can be honest about your feelings.

Healers suggest coming prepared with questions before you start a session. You must be clear what help you want from your angels. During a healing session with angels, your healer, you, and your angels all come together to create a healing experience.

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