Angelic Reiki Not Done by Healer But by Angels

Angelic Reiki healing- not done by healer, but by angels

Angelic Reiki healing is not done by a healer, but by angels. The healer does not transfer energy. The Angelic Kingdom of Light does the attunements and you receive them through their own angels. Again, it is not your angel that does the healings. During the healing session, Angelic energy connects the healer to the Angelic Kingdom so that he or she can heal you. 

This type of healing is like a gift that comes directly from the angels. So, it is in the purest form. 

What is Angelic Reiki healing?

Sacred geometry is used to integrate symbols. Angelic Reiki system of healing includes specific wisdom attunement, along with Diving gifts straight from the Angelic Kingdom of Light. The 30 Archangels, called the 'Mighty Sarim.' give these gifts. This happens in a meditative state of mind that takes the person to the Angelic Hierarchy of Light temple. 

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Angelic Reiki meditation and colors 

During a healing session, the healer helps you connect with your "Feeling Body" or your higher consciousness. This helps you open up with greater awareness. This is an attunement that connects us to the qualities, the gifts, and, in fact, the essence of 10 Archangels from the Tree of Life. 

This happens when you go into a deep meditation that activates and links us to the energies. This is done through colors. It is a common thing for healers to see two colors during a session. They are dark pink and deep green. These are the colors of the aura of Archangel Metatron. Healers also see Emerald green, which is Archangel Raphael's aura color.  

Angelic Reiki symbols

This healing therapy uses the Atlantean master symbol. The 12 symbols at the master level get activated to reach their Angelic level.

The second attunement involves the activation of symbols to the Galactic level. This is done by Lord Melchizedek. 

The master attunement level, which is the fourth level, features activation of symbols to the Universal level. This is again done by Lord Melchizedek. 

The Archangelic initiation includes activation of symbols to their genetic, molecular, subatomic, musical, mathematical, physical, and super luminary facets. The therapy also includes the integration at all the 7 levels of form as well as the Divine form. 

During an Angelic Reiki workshop, the Angelic Kingdom performs three distinct cleanses. Attunements happen after a cleansing process. The Archangel Michael does karma cutting. Then there is a soul re-connection. 

Angelic Reiki healing methods
Healing therapy features nine distinct ways to heal. Angels direct these ways. In other words, angels do the actual healing. The healer only holds the space and helps the person connect with their angels. So, you can say, the healer has a passive role in this healing therapy. He or she simply follows the instructions that the angel gives for the recipient. 

There is no drawing, chanting, or visualizing. The healer uses only a single hand position to connect the recipient to their angel. 

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