Astral Projection - How to leave your body and come back!

Astral Projection - How to leave your body and come back!

You may call astral projection as OBE or Out Body Experience. But the difference is that OBEs happen naturally to many people (some may not be aware), while projections you can do deliberately too. Both involve the process in which your soul leaves your physical being and travels the astral plane.

The astral body (call it soul) hovers over a particular place or traverses across lands. It can even go beyond time. It depends on what your soul seeks.

What is astral projection?

According to practitioners of this healing therapy, there exist five subtle bodies. During astral projection, the conscious mind separates from the physical body. It enters the astral body for an out-body experience.

During the projection, under the supervision of a practitioner, you stay connected with your physical body through a rope or cord that experts call "silver umbilical cord." A few people report having seen the cord during their astral travel.

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How to detach from your body?

The pre-requisites of astral projection are relaxed mind, comfortable clothing, and willingness to travel. In addition, bring along a comforter or a warm stole to cover your body. When your soul separates from your physical body your body tends to become cold.

You need to follow the instructions of the projection expert. Some people fear that they won't be able to come back to their physical bodies. This usually does not happen, especially not when you astral project under the guidance of an expert.

Those who undergo astral projection are aware of the detachment of their consciousness from their physical being. You can actually see your body lying down, while you are just above it. People are also aware of when they re-enter their physical bodies.

The soul travels out of the body and visits the place or time for a purpose. There could be an unresolved issue of the past. Or your soul has a deep attachment with something or somebody at some far off place. When it separates from your physical being it gets a chance to visit the place. This relieves you of stress and relaxes you of emotional and, many times, physical pains.

Unknown facts 

According to reports by the International Academy of Consciousness, ancient Egypt priests recorded incidents of astral projection that date back to 3000-5000 years. Historians have also found evidence of this amazing happening in artistic mediums that depict light leaving the body.

Texts of the Bible and Middle Ages also mention astral travels.

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