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Bach Flower Therapy- Healing Properties of the Flower

Are you facing any spiritual challenges? Do you want to get instant relief? If Yes is your answer, then its time to take a pause from all the hogwash suggestions and instead take the right bend towards Bach Flower Therapy. Bach Flower therapy vaguely has the capacity to deal with problems like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, social anxiety or any other psychological issues.

Almost all health issues, ranging from the common cold to migraines, can be effectively and naturally healed via advanced Bach Flower Therapy.

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What is Bach Flower Therapy?

Dr. Edward Bach was a well-known Bacteriologist and homeopathic physician. He discovered the power of natural flower essence way back in the 1930s. When he couldn't find effective solutions to his health issues via simple homeopathy and other medicines. Then he stumbled upon what is now known as Bach Flower Therapy. It started as a hobby for him but later he took it seriously after discovering its benefits. Mr. Bach claimed that dew found on flower petals retain mountainous healing properties of that plant.

Upminster Sanctuary

Bach flower remedies are the solutions of brandy and water — This is not just any water. This water contains the extreme dilutions of flower material. In fact, it is a residual of the dew left over, on certain flower petals found in nature that has statistically been observed as the healing powers of the plant on which it was found. This remedy helps us gain inner peace and calm.  Furthermore, it ultimately brings us closer to our divine souls.

Aligning With Earth

Bach Flower therapy uses flowers of Indian Himalayas and healing properties of the divine, to cure the emotional, mental and spiritual disturbances. Bach Flower therapy considers the patient's body, soul and mind while providing treatment.

Methods to prepare Bark Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies are prepared using two methods

  • Sun method
  • Boiling method

In the Sun method, flowers are picked in full sunshine, and they are immersed in a bowl of water. While in the Boiling method the flowers are boiled in water.

The heat of the sun and of the boiling water transfers the flowers self-healing energy into the water, after which the flowers are removed and alcohol, generally brandy, is then added for preservation. The end product is called the mother tincture. Though conventionally, flower essences are administered in liquid form, either orally or by rubbing on the wrists, some therapists prescribe other methods and forms too such as pills, sprays, gels, and creams.

Benefits Of Bach Flower Therapy

  • The effective technique in spiritual healing

Bach Flower therapy technique is simple and uncomplicated when compared with other healing techniques. It comes to your rescue when you feel lost or disconnected. This therapy shows you a new path when you feel discouraged or disappointed with your life. It is highly effective and functional. Experiences that comes from these flower sessions to non-ordinary reality have a great impact on day-to-day life.

  • Helps you connect to your inner self

If you fail to understand yourself and don't perform what your soul says then it might lead to emotional conflicts. This eventually causes depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. So, it is very important to connect with your inner soul, so that you receive the best transparent insights about yourself through your self-conscience.

Bach Flower Therapy

Bach flower therapy connects to your inner self and finds out your hidden feelings that are creating havoc and disturbing diversions in your life. It balances you emotionally and spiritually. It brings peace and harmony to your life.

  • Priority is given to the human body

Conventional medicine focuses on the disease rather than focus on the patient, who is a more holistic entity. A sum total of the seeker's physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects should be the key points to be healed primarily. That is why every healing must have a comprehensive approach in order for it to work correctly.

Unlike Ayurveda, which harnesses plant's chemical properties, flower remedies tap plant energy. When in their natural habitat, plants exhibit unique traits, characteristics, and survival instincts. These natural responses, in other words, energy or vibrations, when administered to the human body through flower remedies help restore the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Bach flower therapy is highly recognized in India. India has the copious supply of well trained Bach flower therapists. Life Positive is glad to have links with the paramount Bach flower therapists in India. They are highly verified and authentic. You can also feel free to contact your preferred Bach Flower Practitioner in India.