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Coffee Cup Reading - Your future can happen over coffee!

A steaming cup of hot coffee wakes you up in the morning. It stimulates you. It can help you strike a conversation. There's more...a cup of coffee can help you do predictions! Coffee cup reading is a popular practice. It involves observing the coffee grounds left in the cup and on the saucer and interpreting it.

The academic term for this skill is Tasseography. This practice was born in the 16th century in Turkey.

What is coffee cup reading?

You need Turkish coffee for this reading. This kind of coffee leaves thick and "muddy" sediment at the cup bottom. as you swirl your cup and move it upside down, the coffee grounds will fall. As a result, they may form certain patterns on the cup surface. These patterns hold certain meanings, which a reader interprets.

Turkish coffee cup reading has been popular in Turkey, Greece, Russia, the Middle East, and the Arabian countries. Most recently, UK, US, Australia, and India have joined the league of nations that believe in this type of fortune-telling. Each culture features different rituals and beliefs with regard to coffee cup predictions.

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What happens over a cup of Turkish coffee?

For coffee cup reading, you need special Turkish coffee, which you must make in a special way. The idea is to relax you through coffee. The aroma and the flavor instill positivity in you.

When you sip your coffee and have your fill your cup leaves predictions for your future! An expert reader can decode special patterns and shapes that form on the saucer and the cup surface. They suggest probable happenings of your future. They can also tell your past and present.

If you want to gain insights into your career, relationship, business, health, or other areas of your life, your coffee cup can help you.

A vital element of reading a coffee cup is to interpret the overall impression and not catch symbols in isolation.

What kind of coffee cup do you need for this?

A good Turkish coffee pot is essential to prepare the right kind of coffee required for reading. You need no special brand of coffee for this. But it has to be the Turkish ground. If not, the marks of the coffee would be too light and vague to be recognized even by an expert eye.

You must use a white cup, plain preferably. The blackness of the coffee contrasts well with the whiteness of the cup. This makes the symbols and patterns easy to interpret.

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