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Colour Therapy - Catch the right wavelength of health

Chromotherapy or light therapy or colour therapy - call it by whatever name - is a powerful alternative healing therapy. It utilizes a spectrum of colour and light. Colours affect our moods. They also affect our physical being.

Each colour has a specific wavelength and vibration. This affects the vibrations of our energy bodies.

What is colour therapy?

This is a complementary therapy. Evidence shows that it dates back to the ancient civilizations of India, China, and Egypt.

Each colour in the spectrum displays a particular energy level. They resonate with the energy of each body chakra. Imagine the chakras cogs of a wheel. It is important for each cog to function smoothly for the body to be in good condition.

In other words, you can achieve overall wellbeing only when the chakras are balanced. Colours create an impact on the energy of chakras.

For example, the colour red is associated with the Root Chakra. So, it affects this chakra. Colour therapy can use the colour red to balance the energy of this chakra. The colour can stimulate the chakra.

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Colours and chakras

  • Red colour relates to the root chakra.
  • Orange relates to the sacral chakra.
  • Yellow colour relates to the solar plexus chakra.
  • Green relates to the heart chakra.
  • Blue colour relates to the throat chakra.
  • Indigo colour relates to the brow or third eye chakra.
  • Violet relates to the crown chakra.

Do you know?

Our body absorbs colours through the eyes, skull, and skin. Each of us carries an aura, which is an energy field. This shows our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Our body cells require light energy to function well.

That's why doctors advise us to spend some light in natural light. Try to stay in a dark room for 24 hours. You will come out feeling depressed. Try to stay more than two days and your skin will start turning pale. Your moods would become dark.

According to colour therapy practitioners, aura consists of various layers of light. An expert can "read" colours in your aura and detect illness or negative energy.

How to do a colour therapy?

There are various ways to do healing through colours. You can use colour silks, solarized water, light lamps or boxes, and hands-on healing through colour. According to therapists, colours present in your aura helps you know your spiritual side and how exactly you need healing.

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