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Crystal Ball Gazing - Future Prediction is here!

Whatever we do or think and how we react to a situation is based on thoughts that lie in our subconscious mind, and not the consciousness. So, in order to modify and transform any abnormal behavior and thoughts, we need to work on the conflicts that are hidden in the subconscious mind.

In this technique, the crystal ball is like a door through which we can gain access to our subconscious mind. So what we look in the crystal ball, is the image of our subconscious mind.

What is Crystal Ball Gazing?

Crystal ball gazing is an ancient and famous technique used from times immemorial to study the future, help with decision making regarding someone's current situations and problems. It is most commonly associated with the image of gipsies and dimly lit rooms with a large crystal ball placed in the centre.

The preferred lighting arises from the need for the expert to achieve a state of trance. It is in this state that the Crystal ball gazing expert answers the queries. Also referred to as crystal-seeing, pyromancy, gastromancy and crystallize, Crystal ball gazing is a method to attain visions achieved through trance that appear in the crystal ball.

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Tools used in Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal gazing involves a variety of objects that can be used as a medium for gazing as well as a diverse thought process as to what is the source of the visions attained. The tool used to achieve the state of trance could be any shiny object, such as a crystalline gemstone or a convex mirror. But the crystal ball is the most common medium used by the experts.

The size of the crystal could vary from a palm-sized ball to a large one placed on wooden panels for support.

There are certain guidelines to be followed by every practitioner like the shape of the ball has to be perfectly spherical without a flat bottom and placed on a wooden or metal stand. While some practitioner believes that the vision attained is a reflection of the subconscious mind of the crystal gazer, others believe it gives rise to a premonition about the future or some supernatural insight.

Crystal ball gazing has been used by practitioners, also known as seers or readers, for a number of purposes. It could relate to character analyses, predicting future events, describing luck and fortune and to help make decisions and choices. It is a highly developed procedure that takes years to master.

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