What is Crystal Healing - Using sacred stones for health

What is Crystal Healing - Using sacred stones for health

Crystals are attractive objects. They possess an uncanny charm that catches the eye. But they are not limited to having aesthetic properties. They also possess healing powers. Crystal healing is a popular alternative healing therapy that promises deep relaxation and cleansing of energies in the body.

What is crystal healing?

This is a healing method that uses crystals and other gemstones to treat ailments and prevent diseases. Practitioners of this therapy believe that crystals possess healing powers. They usher in positive, healthy energy in the body and remove negative, diseased energy.

Scientists, in their study on atomic structure, have revealed that the entire universe is nothing but energy mass. Everything, from your pen, table, computer, and other solid objects, to your hair, vital organs, and others are pulsating energy masses. What you see is not what it is.

According to them, healing crystals and body cells contain similar types of energy. Hence, they induce healing in the body.

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Do you know? 

You may not realize but you are using crystals right now while reading this page! Your computer uses tiny quartz crystals, so does your watch and other modern gizmos.

Do you know certain medications also contain crystals? They possess ground minerals derived from healing crystals.

How do you use crystals for healing?

Crystals work like magnets. Both utilize energy to repel or attract. So, when you place a crystal stone on a body part your energy shifts. It can transform or vibrate or move depending on the kind of stone and your energy status.

During a crystal healing session, the healer may place particular crystals or stones on specific chakra points of your body. Usually, these could be above your head, on your forehead, on your chest, on your throat, on your abdomen, or on your genital area. The positioning of stones depends on your symptoms.

Your healer may also ask you to wear stones or place them under the pillow. This helps to ward off negative energy, remove illness, and to absorb positive energy.

What are the benefits of crystal healing?

Crystals have the power to heal a lot of issues - physical and emotional. They can relieve you of migraines, anxiety, body aches, and more. They can improve your power to meditate. Crystals can balance your chakras. These sacred stones can even make you enter a trance-like state for deep relaxation.

Crystals can heal you at various levels. The trick is to use the right crystals that complement your body composition, energy levels, and symptoms. Also, it is important to place them at specific points for a specific period of time. It is best to undergo a crystal healing session through a trained healer.

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