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Divine Healing Hands - Transmission of Robust Energies

As per Dr Bruce Lipton, our cells have the ability to transfer energy from one to another. The average human cell exhibits a frequency of 1.4 volts. We have trillions of cells in our body which when channelized correctly can power a whole city. By regular meditation and spiritual practices, we can convert the gross energy of our cells into finer healing energies and thus transfer this energy to another person through our divine healing hands and intention.

According to Physics - Everything is Energy. Every minuscule thing emits a certain frequency of energy. Likewise, each cell of our body also emits a certain frequency. When you walk into a room and feel a certain feeling of happiness, sadness, comfort, fear, its all in the energy of that place that you have walked into or the people present there.

According to Spirit and religious texts, divine healing hands have the ability to heal, and our hands being the most active part of our body are used for transferring of that energy of healing. Since we are energy beings, we all have the ability to transfer energy, some do it unknowingly and healers do it with intention. Divine Healing hands are both a little bit of science and spirit.


The Soul Teacher

Life Positive takes special care to produce customized Divine Healing Hands. No single person or their life path is the same. Similarly, no two issues are the same. With this in mind, the certified Divine Healing Hands Practitioners are always working hard to devise tailored happiness solutions for every individual.

What is Divine Healing?

The Divine Healing Hands deals with soul healing, which depends on the teaching: Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow. Divine healers provide divine energy healing blessings, which is very important. These blessings from Divine Healing Hands carry divine love, forgiveness, compassion and bring light to remove blockages on the level of soul, heart, mind and body. Hence, Soul has great power to heal.

What is divine healing


How Divine Healing Works?

Sickness is a blockage in the soul, mind and body which is due to bad karma. Karma is the record of services from past life and current life.

Karma has two sides. One is bad karma and the other is good karma. Good karma is achieved from one’s good service offered in all lifetimes including love, care, compassion, sincerity, honesty, generosity, kindness, integrity, purity and more. Whereas Bad karma is achieved from the mistakes, one has made in all lifetimes including killing, harming, taking advantage of others, cheating, stealing, lying and more.




There is a Karmic Principle in the Universe which says Good deeds bring rewards and bad deeds bring lessons. This Principle applies to all the souls. There is a saying: "Heaven is most fair. No good deed goes unnoticed & No bad deed goes unnoticed"

Divine Karma Cleansing

Divine Karma Cleansing means the Divine provides divine forgiveness by paying one’s spiritual debt and cleansing one’s bad karma. One could learn lessons in any aspect of life if one has bad karma.

Also, If one has heavy bad karma it could take thirty to fifty years to remove bad karma and be forgiven. It could also take many lifetimes to remove one’s heavy bad karma.


Making India

Bad karma is a spiritual debt and it should be cleared. Normally, it is cleared by learning one's karmic lessons. The other way is Divine Karma Cleansing, which means the Divine offers its virtue, which is a spiritual currency, to pay one’s spiritual debt. And if one has bad karma, there are dark blockages inside the body. When the Divine offers virtue, the darkness will leave the body. The darkness is the root cause of sickness, broken relationships, financial challenges, and much more.

Power of divine healing hands

Divine Healing Hands removes blockages from the soul, mind, and body in finances, relationships, career, intelligence and much more to transform every aspect of life. It includes the following Divine Powers.

  • The Divine frequency and vibration, which can change all the aspects of life. This includes health, relationships, finances, business, children and career.
  • Divine love, which melts all blockages and transforms all life.
  • The Divine forgiveness, which brings inner joy and inner peace to all life.
  • Divine compassion, which boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity of all life.
  • Lastly, The Divine light, which heals, prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind, and body, and transforms health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and several other important facets of life. 


Tao Heart Centered Light

Divine Healing Hands technique can effectively heal any physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological problem that one might be facing. It can also help to solve relationship problems, bring economic prosperity, success in career, and make you feel happier and more content in life.

As a result, thousands of people around the world are experiencing the life-changing effects of Divine healing hands.

divine healing hands

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Therefore, Words are not enough to express the greatness of Divine Power and thoughts are not enough to express the honour of Divine Power, also, Imagination is not enough to express the significance of receiving the power of Divine Healing Hands.

Myths related to Divine Healing Hands

  • Myth 1

Divine Healing Hands promise to heal

The Divine does not promise anything. The Divine blesses us.

  • Myth 2

Divine Healing Hands clears bad karma

It is not appropriate to ask Divine Healing Hands to clear bad karma of any kind and also to bless with political outcomes.

  • Myth 3

Divine Healing Hands make you rich

It is not appropriate to ask Divine Healing Hands for blessings for financial gain, including the stock market, investments, gambling, or lottery. It can offer you the powerful benediction.

Eventually, If you are facing any life's challenges or problems, let it be personal, professional or spiritual, you can always feel free to consult and contact the professional and authentic Divine Healing Hands Master.