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What is Face Reading?

What is Face Reading?

Face reading is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s character based on their facial features. Face reading is also known as physiognomy, which says that every facial feature such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc has a psychological meaning.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines physiognomy or faces reading as the art of discovering temperament and character from outward appearance and also, the facial features held to show qualities of mind or character by their configuration or expression.

Face reading is also an essential skill that is taught to people who work in the domain of personality development and management.

                                   Face Reading  

Introduction to face reading

Over the years the structure of the human body has undergone a transformation. These evolutionary processes are targeted at making the physical structure of the body adapt to external conditions.

Few characteristics of the human body like the face, width, and height have almost become a subset of genetics in the modern era. Nevertheless, the face is the most prominent part that we present to the world and it is our face that speaks, smells, tastes and listens. Hence, the four senses also play a key role in face reading.


Why face reading?

The face is an emblem of expressions, emotions, and senses. Facial expressions are a gateway to a person's inner world and a vast array of emotions, feelings, and beliefs that the persons holds.

Although there are certified specialists, often times common people also learn the skill of face reading. During our day to day interaction with people, we generally read faces and try to understand the underlying feelings and emotions of the person. And hence, sometimes false judgment or bias are likely to arise.

How to read faces?

We have to understand each aspect of the face and their connection with the intrinsic character or nature, one-by-one.

  • Eyes

Deeper eyes represent introversion, toleration, pleasant, shy and quiet nature.
Protruding eyes show aggression, focus, attention and intolerant nature.
Less-distance between eyes represents focus and aim.
More distance between eyes represents imagination and wavering thoughts.


  • Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows represent greater imagination power and multiple ideas.
Narrow eyebrows on the face means fewer ideas.
Eyebrows that point downwards at the end, show introversion and shyness.
Eyebrows that are straight show aggression and decisiveness.


  • Eyelashes

Dense eyelashes show affection and compassionate feelings.
Sparse eyelashes show insensitivity and lack of compassion.


  • Ears

Ears that point outwards represents mastery in attack and defensiveness.
If ears are closer to the head and not easily visible laterally, then it represents conservative and calm nature.


  • Jaws

Wider jaws represent masculinity, power, aggression, strength. However, they can be mentally and emotionally weak in nature sometimes.
Small jaws represent mental strength and defensiveness.


  • Lips

Thick lips represent talkativeness.
Thin lips represent secretive and reluctant people.


  • Forehead

A vertically wide forehead represents higher intellectual and thinking capability. On account of their prowess the person can muster more wealth. These individuals generally possess higher attention to details than those with the vertically-narrow forehead.

A horizontally wide forehead represents sharp thinking abilities. They have a broad spectrum of knowledge. Also, these individuals are great at multi-tasking.
A horizontally narrow forehead represents focus. These people are generally interested in gaining a specialization in only one or two domains. They are weak in multitasking. They are slow but very effective.


  • Nose

Pointed/Narrow nose represents disinterest and lack of will.
Wide nose represents knowledge and effective planning.
Long nose represents managerial skills and leadership skills.
Short/Small nose represents thinking, advisory skills and patience.


  • Mouth

Wide mouth represents jolliness, happiness, fun-loving people.
Narrow mouth represents shyness.


  • Chin

Small chin represents calmness.
Broad chin represents domination.
Furthermore, people make a variety of expressions which are all unique. It depends upon what they are feeling at that particular moment. Moreover, that would make multiple permutations and the combination of determining the motive.


Benefits of face reading

  • Helps you to understand how people feel
  • To analyze an individual's personality
  • Clear recognition of personality types and behavior styles
  • Insights into communication patterns which people would like to hear
  • Identify stress issues and their effects on health and performance
  • To know how each person will operate in a team and who works best independently
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses



It has been proven beyond doubt that the characteristics of a person can actually be determined by reading his facial features with great accuracy. However, Face reading is a skill that needs continuous practice.

Face reading is not just meant for experts, but also for common people helping them in better communication.


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