Family Constellations | Life Positive

What is Family Constellations?

It is a path of healing for individuals. It is also a path of healing for the family as a whole. The first part is bringing to light how people are connected to family members in a painful and burdensome way. This is then brought to a resolution through love, respect, and dignity for all. A constellation is complete when all family members present, feel they are at the right place now, and they can look at each other in a friendly way.

Like in a Constellation, every member of our family, has a definite place, 
in the Constellation of our Life. Each one of us belongs to a family. The ‘family’ is a collective phenomenon, where every member has an active part – which in turn hinders or promotes the Growth of its Individual Members. It can work harmoniously only when every member is acknowledged, & awarded his/her place within the family system. It is only possible when every member Knows, Appreciates & Lives, 
in a way which encourages his growth & the growth of the family as a whole. There is a certain system practiced in every family. It is not a set of rules, but an underlying understanding & system, that binds everyone within the family. You follow that system even though you may be physically far away from your family. The fact remains, that you have only one father & one mother. Nothing changes that fact even your siblings, are forever your siblings that is where the issues start. More than half of our lives, we spend in resolving issues, within the family system. This therapy brings the conflicts to the fore, & aims at resolving those issues through love & understanding. It brings about harmony & peace.

Mr. Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist, Initiated & found the Family Constellation & systemic constellations theories.