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Feng Shui Helps you Position your Life Better

Feng Shui is a 3000-year-old Chinese therapy, which is an art and science. "Feng" means "wind." "Shui" means "water." The Chinese believe that good health is closely linked with these two elements. It's as simple as this - good Feng shui attracts good fortune. Bad Feng Shui attracts bad fortune. Feng Shui therapy can help you change your fortune.

What is Feng Shui?

The therapy involves the placement of objects and even yourselves within a space. The therapists believe that placements affect how your life turns out to be. The therapy tells you how to harmonize energies in a particular space. It could be your home, workplace, hospital, educational institutions, or any other.

The objective is to bring good fortune to the people who reside in that space. Feng Shui impacts the aesthetics of a place, including its layout, interior design, architectural structure, and more.

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The Yin and Yang principle

The Yin and Yang theory of the Taoist is important in Feng Shui. According to the principle, it is important to balance masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) energies in our lives. This helps to keep a good flow of life force energy or Chi energy. As a result, you can lead to content and prosperous life.

Yin and Yang's energies are opposite to each other. They must be in balance always. The root of Yin Yang's theory lies in the theory of duality that states that things are a balanced mix of two opposite things. According to the belief of the Chinese Taoist system, an equilibrium between two opposites forms an ideal state. Disruption happens when either of the energies overshadows the other.

The theory of five elements

According to Feng Shui therapy, all matter is made up of five elements. They vary in proportion to each matter. The five elements are:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Metal
  4. Earth
  5. Wood

Each element is indicated by a particular color. They help to attract harmony to a specific place.

All the elements can interact in various ways. They could lead to destructive or constructive results. For example, fire can provide fuel to burn and it can also destroy. Water can provide moisture and can also drown. Metal can cool water to form ice and can also be sharpened into an ax to cut wood. Earth can provide a fertile land to grow life and can also suffocate through its mud. Wood can provide greenery through trees and can also grow over and deplete the soil.

It depends on the intensity and the proportion of each element whether they are in their constructive or destructive form. A balance forms an ideal world. Living in such an ideal condition brings good mental and physical health.

The ultimate aim of Feng Shui therapy is to create a favorable and balanced environment for you to thrive.

Do you know?

Certain aspects of Feng Shui are about 6000 years old. They feature elements of scholarly studies, astrology, astronomy, physics, and philosophy. The therapy works with the belief that the Earth is alive structure. Chi energy is everywhere. It also believes that the opposite energies, Yin Yang, cannot operate without each other. And they need to be in balance for perfect harmony.

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