Health and Wellness Coach - Helps you win the race of life

Health and Wellness Coach - Helps You Win the Race of Life

A health coach is a mentor who helps you enhance your health and general wellbeing. Their aim is to make you feel the best through changes in your lifestyle and food habits. It is not easy to make changes in lifestyle. It requires a lot of determination. Habits become deep-rooted and you require a strong motivation to change them. Not everybody is a pro in self-motivation. That's the reason we need coaches who can guide us and push us towards a healthier life.

Who is a health coach?

A coach creates wellness programs that are customized to individuals. They take into account various aspects of life viz; relationships, career, health status, present lifestyle, spirituality quotient, overall family scenario, and your inclination towards exercise. Depending on these factors, they prepare a program that suits you the best.

This type of coach counsels you in a holistic manner. He or she helps you dig the root of your discomfort. A coach discourages the use of western medicines unless absolutely needed. They focus more on lifestyle enhancement.

Remember: Health coach is not a substitute for a doctor. So, if you are suffering from a serious medical condition, please let your doctor know you have hired a coach to improve the quality of life. In this case, the coach works with your doctor to help you enhance your lifestyle.

You have a golden opportunity to undergo a health coaching session. Life Positive offers certified sessions through a trustworthy and competent health coach. 

What does a health coach do?

Health coaches follow the principle that what may work for one person may or may not work for another person. Each one is unique. So, their health plan has to be unique too.

When you hire a mentor for you he or she spends time with you to understand your overall lifestyle and issues. They try to find the root cause of your dilemmas. Then, they sit with you to develop strategies to deal with them. It could be losing weight, managing stress, improving relationships with your spouse, improving fitness, managing diabetes or hypertension, or coping with some trauma or a major change in your life.

A health coach has knowledge about nutrition, health, general wellness, spirituality, holistic living, interpersonal skills, and others. They usually work with dietitians, fitness experts, doctors, and even image consultants. Their knowledge, experience, and connections with experts in various fields make them a suitable mentor for somebody who is struggling with their life.

The process:

Generally, you schedule meetings with your health coach every 15 days. Meetings usually span an hour. In case you are not able to meet in person, you can talk over the phone or through Skype.

A typical health program lasts 3-6 months, depending on the case.

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