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Kundalini Yoga - There is a Coiled Snake in your Spine!

Many of you may have heard and read about kundalini yoga. You are at the right place now to get a deeper insight into this form of yoga. In fact, you can even undergo a yoga session and experience the awakening of your kundalini.

What is Kundalini yoga?

This is a combination of three forms of yoga:

Bhakti yoga - the yoga of chanting and devotion
Shakti yoga - the yoga of expression of energy and power
Raja yoga - the yoga of meditation and physical and mental control

Kundalini yoga benefits

Doing this yoga under a trained instructor leaves you feeling refreshed and happy. It feels as if you just had a relaxing party or a nice soothing session.

Undergoing a yoga session is worth a try.  Life Positive offers professional yoga sessions through trustworthy, experienced, and certified Kundalini Yoga practitioner.  

The aim of Kundalini yoga is to help you reach your maximum creativity and free yourself from past karma. You may realize your life purpose. This is a big thing because many of us are simply sailing in the ocean of life without knowing where to actually drop anchor.

The experience of kundalini awakening is so awesome it is difficult to describe in words.

Those who are depressed may drop their anti-depressants like a hot potato!

Those who are struggling with constant tiredness and lack of motivation in life may find themselves zooming ahead!

The secret of the snake

Before you begin to learn Kundalini yoga, you must know that your spine houses a snake. In Sanskrit, "Kundal" means "round" or "circular."The feminine form, "Kundali," means coil or ring. So, there is a coiled snake hidden and you don't know!

Practitioners believe that when you do Kundalini Yoga you arouse the coiled snake, which is sleeping in your spine. The snake connotes the Kundalini Shakti. As it awakens, the awakening passes through your six chakras located along the spine. The shakti then reaches the Crown Chakra. This means your entire being is awakened when this snake or shakti wakes up.

Do you know?

There is mention of the term "Kundalini" in Yoga Upanishads.

A traditional class of Kundalini Yoga requires you to wear all white. According to practitioners, colors create action in your subconscious. They affect your mind. White encompasses all seven colors. That's why experts have chosen white for doing this form of yoga.

You must not delay such a rejuvenating experience in life, especially when it is available easily. Contact trained Kundalini Yoga Practitioner at Life Positive.