What is Magnified Healing - How does it work with the Spine

What is Magnified Healing - How does it work with the Spine

Magnified Healing stretches its hand to all those people who are deeply engulfed in their bustling lives. Everyone is very much busy with their own personal and professional work. People are on the path, which is totally materialistic. They enjoy their plastered life, compromising their inner peace and serenity. They hardly have time to sit and think about their own mind, body and soul.

Above all, magnified healing magnifies the area to be healed from the core. It empowers, augments and boosts up the conscience level of a human body. It expertly weaves all the scattered voices lying within each of us, and then beautifully reconstructs them into one powerful soul voice.

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What is Magnified Healing?

Magnified healing came into practice in the year 1992. The Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness, Kwan Yin appeared in a vision to Reverend Katherine Andersen and Reverend Giselle King. They were well known Reiki masters in America. Kwan Yin bestowed the powerful healing energies upon them.

So what's magnified healing? Both the Reiki masters, Katherine Anderson and Giselle King, experienced that the power of magnified healing was a thousand times more powerful as compared to other healing methods. This healing method establishes a link between your heart and the source of ultimate energy and brings in a state of grace that helps you lay down the foundation for spirituality. Hence, it can be performed either by oneself, to understand themselves from within or by a practitioner to his/her clients.

Practitioners of Reiki, Theta or Pranic healing always develop a tendency to practice magnified healing too. The intricacies of this healing method attract their interests. Additionally, they get to use 3 elements of healing for their clients:

  • Breadth
  • Sound
  • Movement

Moreover, there is also a direct link to the powerful energies of Kwan Yin. This gives clients an opportunity to activate their natural healing.

Magnified Healing is an essential tool to help us raise our energy and become closer and develop more God qualities. It makes a tremendous difference in people's lives who practice it and also who receive it. In the past, it has changed many individual's lives to grow from a lesser path to a higher path which is more kind and gracious.

What is the difference between Magnified Healing and other healing methods?

In Reiki healing, the universal life force passes through the body to become a single conduit. However in magnified healing, the universal energy is not a separate entity, here the focus is on becoming the universal energy itself.
Hence, this is a unique and special kind of healing. The energy is magnified to an intensity where you can feel the energy flowing.

Magnified Healing is an extended form of other healing methods and hence, there are more similarities rather than differences between magnified and other healing techniques.

How to do Magnified Healing?

There are 4 steps in this healing process

  1. Balancing the nervous system
  2. Working with the spine
  3. Releasing the waste energies
  4. Building your graceful body

Similar to Reiki, the energy of magnified healing ensures that the problems residing at a deeper emotional and mental level vanish.

It is gentle yet, a very powerful energy. The nature of this power is feminine. Similar to Pranic healing, the practitioners start re-energizing the chakras of the clients without touching them. The energies flow from one hand to the other and pass on to their clients. The practitioners start the healing process from the receiver's head and gradually move down to the feet until the entire body receives magnified healing.

The receivers of this energy feel the following

  • Peaceful
  • Content
  • Linked to the ultimate energy
  • Happy
  • Stress-free
  • Energetic

Magnified Healing integrates the techniques of Reiki, Pranic and Theta healing techniques to provide a combined package of benefits. The role of the practitioner is to initiate the healing process, after which, the natural healing process of the receiver starts expanding. Eventually, the assistance of the practitioner may or may not be needed.

This healing process allows clients to become more involved. They are not passive, yet demand for changes they wish to make, for example, removing their Karma blocks and the expansion of the threefold flame (love, power, and wisdom) for preparing their light body for ascension.

Benefits of Magnified Healing

  • Develops intuitive skills
  • Increased awareness
  • Enhances creativity
  • Better mental and emotional stability
  • Promotes restfulness and sleep
  • Reduces pain and body ache
  • Helps to remove phobias and fears
  • Heals diseases
  • Eliminates stress and anxiety
  • Better connection with one's own energy

At last, there are several voices from inside, which commands you. It may be negative or positive. A person becomes confused in listening to them, as to whether which voice weighs you down and which one wants to lift you up.

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What if, all the voices combine into one? What if, there is only one voice that commands you? and What if the mind and body work together to uplift you and your decisions? Eventually, when you are able to find this equivocal input or voice, that will only be the time when you'll realize the true meaning of being calm, happy, joyful and attentive.

Magnified healing heals the heart and mind of the body, which then ultimately uplifts the soul. That will be the time when you will create your own oasis of serenity in your bustling schedule.

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