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Naturopathy - Knocking the Doors of Mother Nature to Heal

A naturopathy treatment is a form of natural cure that works in tune with Nature. According to naturopaths, Hippocrates, who is the "Father of Medicine" of the ancient Greeks, advocated the use of naturopathic medicines for the first time.

What is Naturopathy Treatment?

The British Naturopathic Association manifesto says, "Naturopathy is a system of treatment which recognizes the existence of the vital curative force within the body." This therapy uses the constructive principles of Mother Nature. It works on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. The therapy has a huge potential to promote health, prevent diseases, even cure them, and restore health.

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Belief of naturopathy

Naturopaths staunchly believe that the body has the ability to heal itself. The body has special vital energy or life force energy that guides bodily processes. When the energy goes haywire or blocked or contaminated diseases manifest. The therapists claim that the natural methods that they prescribe stimulate the natural healing mechanism of the body.

Therapists use a holistic approach. They usually avoid surgery and the use of drugs. They emphasize stress reduction, change in lifestyle and diet, and staying away from Allopathic medicines. This is how they claim to treat, cure, and prevent illnesses.

Do you know?

The cause of diseases is mostly build-up of morbid matter inside the body. Pathogens thrive in the body only when there is a morbid matter, as this gives them a favorable breeding environment. So, the treatment focuses on the elimination of this matter, which is the root cause. Pathogens are the secondary cause. When the morbid matter gets flushed out the pathogens, too, vanish.

According to practitioners of naturopathy, acute diseases are the body's self-healing efforts. So, in a way, they are not bad. On the other hand, chronic diseases are a result of the suppression of acute illnesses or wrong treatment.

Nature is the biggest healer. The body is equipped by nature to heal itself. In naturopathy, the practitioners plan treatment in a manner that the suppressed diseases surface. Then they get cured permanently.

Naturopaths treat the body as one entity. According to them, the only medicine in the world is food. If your diet is right, your body is healthy. Period.

While you undergo naturopathy treatment, do not forget to have a strong faith in the treatment. Faith fastens healing.

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