What is Palm Reading | Benefits of Palm Reading

Palm Reading - Science Behind Palm Lines

Palm Reading is something people turn towards while searching for answers related to their past, their destiny or their fortune. It is an age-old tradition prevalent in countries all around the world. 

What is Palm Reading?

Palmistry or Chiromancy is the art and science of reading a person's palm lines. This reading is used to interpret certain character traits as well as foretelling the future through the study of the palm. Also known as Chirology or Palm Reading in popular culture, this is prevalent in many countries across the world, with regional and cultural variations.

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There are a number of schools of palmistry with their own variations and interpretations of lines and palmar features.

Everyone's hand or palm naturally develops lines which we refer to as the 'palm lines' or 'fate lines'. We are all born with these 'palm lines'. It is said that the palm lines on one of our hands remain fixed throughout our life, whereas the lines on the other can change during the course of our life. The permanent lines represent the fate that we were born with, whereas the changing lines represent the present situation based on our free will and our actions to date.

Benefits of Palm Reading

It is important for people to understand that palmistry is not direct fortune-telling. The events of the future are not firm and can change according to events and situations in life. It is a way of linking your past with the present and the future. Some of the benefits of palm reading:

  • It may unlock the questions and answers related to memories of past life.
  • It helps people figure out their purpose in life.
  • It provides an insight into their strengths and weaknesses that one might have and how to overcome the obstacles in life.
  • Assists in decision making and guides the person in their relationships, finances, career, family, and friends.
  • Palm reading also initiates the creative side of an individual and allows them to optimize their output.

In the science of palm reading, one is taught the significance of each palm line, and what that particular line represents. For example, there is a palm line which represents our health, another which represents our finances, another which represents our relationships and love life, and so on. An expert palm reader effectively utilizes their knowledge and learning to translate the palm lines and give accurate analysis to the individual whose palm is being read.

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