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Spiritual Pendulum Dowsing - Feel the presence of the unseen energy

Some people call dowsing an act of the devil. It is not true. Dowsing uses spiritual energy. Actually, this method uses a device known as a divining rod that locates minerals, water, and other stuff underground. Spiritual dowsing uses Divine energy, not the lower energy.

What's a divining rod? It is a long, forked stick. The person holds the stick in a light grasp. The elongated end of the stick points towards the ground. Experts believe that the rod shifts when it detects or senses the presence of water or other underground material.

What is Spiritual Pendulum Dowsing?

Dowsing dates back thousands of years; the exact date is unknown. Its original purpose was for connecting with divine energies. Somehow, during the Middle Ages, people began to relate it with the Devil. In 1659, matters got worse and people started associating the technique with the act of Satan.

But this is hogwash. Spiritual dowsing is, in no way, devilish or satanic. It is a therapy today that works with energy, Divine energy to be precise. The practice lets you become aware of and affect subtle energies that are present around us.

Spiritual dowsing, to put in simple words, is a kind of intentional prayer.

Simply reading about this therapy is not enough. You must experience what it is? Life Positive gives you a chance to undergo a spiritual dowsing session by certified and reliable partner Pendulum Dowsing Experts Are you ready? 

How is it done?

Pendulum spiritual dowsing does not interfere or work with Communion with the Creation or the Divine Energy. It works on the Form plane, that is, it affects energy and matter. This is done intentionally. This is to make a positive change in the energy form.

Your brain should be in alpha frequency. The intention should be to inflict no harm on others and to work for the highest good of everybody.

Spiritual dowsing works on the principle that there is an "unseen" presence of energy that creates an impact on our sense of goodness and wellbeing. A dowsing expert helps you become aware of this fact and to work with these energies. You can also dowse on your own, once you learn it from an expert.

A dowsing session helps to get rid of unwanted energies and to enhance the vibration of various aspects of life. This includes mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. It is also possible to use this therapy on children and pets, at home and at the workplace. A spiritual dowsing session can happen in person or as distant healing.

Pendulum Dowsing facts you did not know

Some people regard dowsing as a pseudoscience. Of course, there is science behind pendulum dowsing. But, for many centuries, experts use it as a divination tool. They used instruments that were usually rods or branches in a Y shape. In other words, the rods were like a fork structure. Today, many dowsing experts use pendulum containing crystals for this therapy.

Some people say, the therapy works on the Ideomotor phenomenon. This involves mental perception. It directs the dowsing instrument involuntarily to shift in a particular direction. Experts believe that this involuntary shift of the instrument has a connection with the consciousness. All living beings, including plants, and things like crystals and metals possess consciousness, according to experts. It is this consciousness that emits energies.

A psychic has the power to connect their and their instrument's consciousness with the consciousness of the higher level. By doing this, they receive an answer to whatever they are looking for through the instrument.

Ultimately, through spiritual dowsing, what you put your trust and energy into is what you get back. They guide you accordingly.

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