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Pranic healing - Cyclone of positive energies

Pranic healing is a healing technique developed by Choa Kok Sui. This healing technique uses the Universal energy, or the all-pervading life force energy 'Prana'. This energy enters the person's energy field and repairs it.

There exists a philosophy that the physical body is a reflection of the internal energy body. If the energy body becomes stable, then the physical body remains healthy. Any energy fluctuation inside the energy body causes the physical body to become uneasy. Here is when Pranic healing comes into the picture.

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How is Pranic healing performed?

It is done in a calm environment under the supervision of a Pranic healing master. The master may suggest various techniques to calm yourself. The master uses his hand to focus the universal energy or 'Prana' on all the 11 chakras of the recipient. Thus, the energy body of the recipient re-energizes and the process of healing starts.

What is the difference between Pranic and Reiki healing?

The common element between Pranic and is Universal Energy. However, the only difference is the way in which this energy administers the recipient. In Reiki healing, a master or practitioner acts as a mediator between the universal energy and the recipient's 7 chakras. The master's energy points or chakras are attuned. Hence, the master transfers the universal energy into the recipient by the means of touching by hand. However, in Pranic healing, touch is seldom involved.

Another difference is the number of chakras. In Reiki healing, importance is given to 7 basic chakras, whereas in Pranic healing, 11 major chakras of the human body are given priority.

Pranic healing chakras

In the Pranic healing philosophy, there are 11 insides our body namely:

  1.  Root Chakra
  2. Sacral Chakra
  3. Meng Mein Chakra
  4. Navel Chakra
  5. Spleen Chakra
  6. Solar Plexus Chakra
  7. Heart Chakra
  8. Throat Chakra
  9. Ajna Chakra
  10. Forehead Chakra
  11. Crown Chakra

Each of these chakras is responsible for different and discrete energies. In fact, chakra is the center or source of several energy points inside our bodies. The chakras cater to the different needs of the human body. Moreover, they are critical to mental and emotional stability. Hence, it's essential to target these chakras to help them recover and enhance their energies.

Benefits of Pranic Healing

The benefits of this practice are the same as that of Reiki healing, because, 'life energy' or prana is present in both the healing techniques.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Promotes restfulness and sleep
  • Reduces pain and body ache
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Better mental and emotional stability
  • Heals diseases and disorders
  • Enhances the mood

Why should I believe in Pranic healing?

Connie S Owens, a spiritual healer, says,

"All energy healing is based upon the intent of the provider and faith of the receiver. Both are open to channeling energy. The body’s cells react to the belief of the one receiving.

Science has demonstrated the human body is capable of remarkable feats, including spontaneous healing. Pranic, Reiki and other energy healing methods provide a source for healing."

Nothing works unless you allow it to work. For healing to be effective, you need to believe that it will work and benefit you.

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