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PSYCH K - Beliefs are made of glass, you can shatter them

We are what we think we are. In other words, our beliefs make us who we are. We cannot blame genes altogether. Our genes are more about personality traits, while our beliefs are more about our destinies. PSYCH K is a self-empowering therapy that helps you change the deep-set beliefs that create a strong impact on your life. These beliefs impact at the cellular level. They are so rooted in your subconscious mind that you cannot even imagine the opposite happening.

The therapy helps you shatter the limiting beliefs and free you from the shackles of fear, doubts, limiting perceptions, and negativity.

If you wish to change your beliefs and life, you can schedule a session of this therapy. Life Positive can help you connect with certified PSYCH K practitioners.

What is PSYCH K, how to do it?

The therapy uses neuroscientific techniques combined with the spiritual healing wisdom of ancient India and China. Robert M. Williams of Colorado, US, developed the PSYCH K technique in 1988.

This is one of the most effective techniques to turn a negative person into a positive one. It is not uncommon to see people holding beliefs like, "I am poor," "I fail all the time," "I do not deserve this," "I am not beautiful or attractive enough," "I am destined to suffer," "I cannot afford this," and many more. These beliefs sink into your subconscious mind...and you know how the subconscious mind works. It does not reason. It simply believes what you say.

So, years of repeating to yourselves that you are not good or beautiful make the subconscious mind believe the statement. It makes sure that your statement comes true! So, you almost always fall into situations wherein you cannot afford to buy something due to a lack of money or are made to feel that you are not beautiful or good. And then you say, "See, I told you!"

Where do these beliefs come from?

Most of them are childhood conditioning. When a baby is born she knows no fear, no negativity. She is born to win. Imagine an eagle. It is designed by the Divine to soar high in the sky. But, imagine when it is born its mother constantly hammers her with the statement, "You cannot fly so high. You will get hurt." The eagle's subconscious takes all the suggestions and she grows up to be a meek, low-flying bird, watching with envy other eagles flying high.

This is what happens with most human babies. As they grow up, parents usually point out their weaknesses and forget to highlight their strengths. "You are a bad boy or girl." "Don't do this, you will fall." "If you don't study, you will fail in life." "You are so lazy." and more. Some parents even go to the extent of saying to their child, "You are good for nothing!" This is one of the most devastating sentences for a person, whether a child or an adult.

Change your beliefs and your life will change

This is what PSYCH K does. It helps to change your beliefs. As a result, your life changes. So, actually, it is you who is changing your life by altering your pattern of thoughts. The therapist only helps you in thinking right. It is like taking a thirsty horse to a water body. But, you can only take it near water. It has to drink the water itself.

How about telling yourselves every day, "I am beautiful and attractive," "I deserve the best in life," "I can afford this," and other such positive statements? Look in the mirror and say, "I love you." Feels good, doesn't it? And this is not just about feeling good; as you say this every day, you start believing it and your subconscious mind ensures that you become lovable. Don't be surprised when you find yourselves surrounded by love eventually!

A paradigm shift in your thinking happens when you enroll for a PSYCH K session. This is a high-speed mindset alteration technique that has even found to change your genetic makeup. As a result, it can heal you from the physical, the mental, and soul level.

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