All About Pyramid Energy Healing


PyroMed is the world's first and only pre-energized, highly polarized, and saturated Energy Correction System, which reduces Geopathic Stress from land and buildings to the extent of 98% within one week of installation.

If a non-pre-energized, un-polarized and un-saturated PyrAmid is installed upon land and building having Geopathic Stress, then such PyrAmid would aggravate the Geopathic Stress and may cause severe health and behavioural problems leading to deteriorated life performance.

PyroMed with an energy index of 100 is the perfect energy healing centre for each and every disease, disorder, an ailment that afflicts mankind; subject to the patient's 'Potential Recovery Index'. Potential Recovery Index is the weighted average of the patient's age, history of a personal / family physical and emotional health condition, occupation, food habits and lifestyle. Geopathic Stress severely impairs, impedes, and inhibits Potential Recovery Index.