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What is Serenity Surrender - Does it really heal your soul?

Everything that we experience in our lives has been created by our soul. It is based on the experiences it has had and the lessons it has learnt in the past. These lessons are carried by the subconscious mind in the form of beliefs. These beliefs manifest in our lives as situations.

When the soul enters another physical body in the next incarnation, the conscious mind is like a clean slate and doesn’t remember the past experiences of the soul.

The soul, however, considers it necessary for this new conscious mind to be aware of the lessons learnt by it in the past. Therefore, it brings one untrustworthy person after another for this person to experience until the new conscious mind also believes that it is indeed unsafe to trust.

If Serenity seekers wish to reap the altruistic benefits of this healing therapy, then they should contact an authentic Serenity Surrender Healer. So that he/she can properly examine the soul, not the body, and then recommends you accordingly.

What is Serenity Surrender therapy?

Using the Serenity Surrender Technique, we can heal the soul of the first instance when it faced deceit.

The soul is then made to learn the Creator way of understanding the event that had happened. It makes the soul realize and develop beliefs that 'it is safe to trust', 'I know whom to trust', 'I know when to trust'.

These beliefs now start manifesting for this person new situations where he attracts trustworthy people and knows when to be careful in trusting them.

The most significant fact to understand and remember is that the root of everything we experience at this moment lies inside us. Serenity Surrender allows us to reach that root and heal it. This root could be from one of our past lives or somewhere in our current life. Healing such roots within us is very liberating, as it empowers us to begin to live life as we want to. It is even more liberating to be able to learn to do it for ourselves.

Perks & privileges of Serenity Surrender technique

Based on our karma we attract situations and people in our life. If you learn Serenity Surrender, then it will help you in multiple ways.

  • Aids in balancing all the energy levels of the body, thereby resolving all the current problems and quandaries of life.
  • Serenity Surrenders helps in removing all the negative things from our past lives. Here, through this healing, ultimately we are healing the 'Soul'. The present life soul is said to have leftover scars, of the past incarnations. These scars put the person in various bustling dilemmas. Every scar on the soul can be healed with the help of this serenity touch.
  • This also majorly succours to our problems that relate to career, relationships or any life situation. It draws our attention to our inner self and allows the freedom of energies.
  • This technique helps the soul in understanding past life events. It develops beliefs that will make him think about trust when encountering any untrustworthy person.

Even more, what we see mostly, is the outflowing of our energies in the wrong direction. We ourselves allow some external problems or factors to suck our positive energies, thus making an imbalance in our energies. Through this technique, you protect and harness all the powerful energies which are within you. Therefore, with this healing assistance, you can solve the ample number of problems and chaos, without affecting your energy count.

Ready to give this interesting science a try? Contact the Serenity Surrender Therapists for the best certitude guidance.