Shalvik Mantra Rahasya: Heal with Lord Mahamrutunjay

Shalvik Mantra Rahasya: Heal with Lord Mahamrutunjay

Shalvik Mantra Rahasya or Shalvik healing is connected with Lord Mahamrutunjay. 

This healing technique uses vibrations of 4,50,000 mantras as in the graphic version, which means symbolic language. 

Dr. S.K Sainiji converted these in 450 symbols. Later, he realized that 150 symbols are related to Tantrik rituals. 

So the other symbols are kept hidden.

He used 300 symbols in 3 sets. Each set has 100 symbols. In this healing technique, some symbols from Reiki and Karuna Reiki are also used in Shalvik mantra.

Shalvik Mantra helps you find the root cause of the problem and can heal it. 

You also can know about your body or place elements, If you have an imbalance or missing elements then you can correct through Shalvik mantra Healing.

Through Shalvik mantra you can find and heal all factors of your life by correcting elements.

In Shalvik Mantra, the healer analyses the root cause of the client's problems with the help of numbers. From these numbers, healers can know which symbols mantra vibration is required to heal them.

Then the healer projects all these mantras in the aura of the patients and gives healing with Mahamrutunjay mantra.

As we know, most of the mantras are, we use a mantra for unlocking the energy of mantra with samput.

This induces powerful healing with the grace of Lord Mahamrutunjay. 

For this healing, healers should be well-educated with the procedure of healing.

This healing takes approx 45 minutes for one session.

Benefits of Shalvik Mantra Healing:

Mahamrutunjay mantra is a powerful mantra with the vibration of 492 hertz, so when we chant Mahamrutunjay mantra healing is done very quickly. 

  1. Removes all karmic baggage and blockages
  2. It helps to treat chronic diseases. 
  3. Removes tensions, depression, and anxiety
  4. Balances Prana energy
  5. Removes financial blockages
  6. Heals relationship issues
  7. Conquers illnesses 
  8. Opens the doors to new opportunities in life
  9. Ancestors healing can be done with this modality
  10. Increases luck
  11. Helps to win over any difficulty in life
  12. Boosts memory
  13. Increases the attraction power of a person
  14. Grants blessings of Lord Mahamrutunjay and helps to conquer misfortunes in life
  15. Helps to heal any astrological problems
  16. Balances body elements and place elements

...and many more benefits await the person who undergoes Shalvik Mantra healing.