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Smudging healing ritual - Cleanse the air with holy smoke!

Smudging is a practice known for ages. It originated in Native America. This is actually a ceremonial act of purifying and cleansing, using a selection of herbs. You can do this at home, office, or any place that is affected by negative energies.

What is smudging?

To put it in one sentence, smudging is done to cleanse the atmosphere.  Just as we take a bath to cleanse ourselves of dirt and debris, we smudge to cleanse the atmosphere of dirty energies. It is like giving a bath to the environment. At the same time, people present in the environment are also bathed with this aromatic smoke that energizes them.

Experts believe that the smoke that comes out of the herb bundle or smudge stick wards off negative energy or even evil spirits. It purifies the space, energy fields of people present in the space, and also objects around like furniture and others.

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How it happens

According to experts, smudging releases negative ions. Studies show that negative ions improve mood. Do you know water and sunlight also create these ions? No wonder we feel good on a bright sunny day or while walking on the beach.

When negative ions are in high concentration they purify the air and remove pollen, odors, mold spores, virus, bacteria, pet dander, dust, and other detrimental particles in the air.

Negative ions attach to positive ions in huge numbers. This makes microbes, pollens, and other harmful particles to become too saturated to say in the air. As a result, they fall down. Thus, the air becomes pure. This helps to prevent respiratory infections and gives you clean air to breathe. The fallen down particles, eventually, get removed when you sweep or clean the floor and the furniture.

Process of smudging

Healers use a specially prepared smudging stick to do the healing. During the process, he or she fans the smoke over the patient using feathers or their hands. This removes unwanted energies and harnesses the special qualities of the herbs. The healer may also chant some lines or prayers during the process. 

It is important to create a spiritual connection between the spirit present in the herbs and the spirit of the person.

Materials needed

  • Smudging stick that consists of dried out herbs. Damp herbs are useless for this process because they would fail to produce the needed quality of smoke. The main herbs are sage, juniper, sweetgrass, and lavender. Plain tribes of Central and South America use pure tobacco. Healers may either use a single herb or a mixture, depending on the case and the culture. 
  • Smudge bowl. The best is a soapstone bowl, as it is heat resistant and does not break easily. You can also use glass or ceramic bowls. Add a layer of salt or sand at the inside bottom. another good choice is the abalone shell featuring a colored sand layer at its bottom.

Please remember...

Smudging is not voodoo or "tantric" technique. It is a healing technique based on science. In 2006, the Journal of Ethnopharmacology had published a research paper named "Medicinal Smokes." It talked about how smudge sticks had the power to cleanse the air by getting rid of hazardous microbes. Researchers called smudge smoke as a medicinal smoke. It had the power to remove human pathogenic bacteria present in the air in a closed space. 

It is always better to let a healer do the healing process. He or she is well versed with the entire procedure, along with chanting of mantras or prayers designed for the purpose. 

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