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Insights to Soul Healing

In this busy world, it has become extremely difficult to find time for ourselves. People are busy running after materialistic things and have no time for spiritual advancement. We make choices based on these new social standards and demands.

While we live in this fast-paced world, we often cannot find time for our soul. If the gap between the soul and external reality increases then we start losing the purpose and meaning of our life.

Soul healing works to fill the gap and it aims to help you transform your life. It not only works from a health standpoint but also with respect to one's relationship, financial health, businesses, careers and all other aspects of well-being. If we do not try to fill this divide, then this might lead to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. If you are in an existential crisis, then the time has come to search for soul satisfaction.

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What is Soul Healing?

First, we need to know what we mean by the Soul? The Soul is that part of us which we call God or the supreme one. When we say Aham Brahmas mi or I Am That, we are referring to that part of us which is God. It has certain qualities known as Virtues, these virtues are taught to us by our parents, in school and sometimes by strangers.

In all religions and all schools, these virtues have been emphasized over and over again. However, somewhere along the line, we tend to forget them and get into the daily rut of life only looking for our own well-being, which is not wrong! How you do it? is what makes all the difference though.

Whoever came up with these virtues was a very wise person as all virtues are connected to certain chakras of our body which take care of certain aspects of our physical, emotional & mental bodies, and they have been programmed to function in line with the divine plan.

However, when we go astray from the plan these wheels in our body tend to go out of balance and cause issues in all aspects of our life. Thus, in order to transform those issues into blessings, we need to work on ourselves as a whole, as a child of God and that is the aspect that soul healing touches in you, to transform your concerns into blessings.

What else does the Soul Healing Consist...

Soul healing sessions are important to help people with personal health and integration. This helps them move to the next step in their personal growth.

The Soul healing goals are different from traditional psychotherapy which helps you heal the pain that prevents you from the normal functioning of health. This healing helps you to focus on the issues related to your daily life such as anxiety, drug, and alcohol addiction and depression.

Soul healing is a deep spiritual path which has its prime focus on your true self and your destiny. It also helps in expanding your spiritual awareness, build conscious connections with your spiritual guides and develop relationships. It also helps in personal and professional goals that are in align with your true self and your soul’s path.

How does Soul Healing Work?

Soul healing begins with the assumption that this life is the one, with a series of incarnations that concentrates on fulfilling specific soul lessons. True success comes when you connect with your true inner self and fulfill your soul desires. The traditional soul healing runs with the present life and acknowledges the past lives. It also heals the past life karma that impacts the present life issues.

In soul healing, the healer access lower, middle and upper spiritual worlds and works directly with the concerned spirits. Experiences that come from soul healing journeys to non-ordinary reality have a great impact on day-to-day life.

All soul path sessions are holistic, transpersonal and expressive art therapies and it works with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of the self simultaneously. There is a strong impact on the body in all spiritual and shamanic work.

Soul Healing Techniques

The soul healing technique uses special spiritual techniques that are used in a spiritual context. It helps in healing, blessing, and transformation. There are five important techniques in this healing method. They are Mindpower, Soul power, body power, breathing power, and sound power.

Soul Power is the technique that applies the power of soul over matter, to heal, bless and transform every aspect of life.

Mind Power is the technique that applies the power of mind over matter. This means using the mind power, including intention and creative visualization to bless, heal and transform every aspect of life.

Body Power is the technique that uses a specific body and hand position to heal and develop energy.

Breathing Power is the use of advanced breathing techniques which enhances and boosts the healing process.

Sound Power is the technique that uses sounds of heart and soul, sacred healing mantras, and divine soul songs to enhance healing by increasing the vibration of energy.

Benefits of Soul Healing Therapies

Empowers you to become your own inner healer, best friend, and most authentic self.
It helps you to connect with your deepest knowing, thereby, growing trust in yourself, trust in the life process and with the universe to have your back.

It gives you strength as the sole creator of your own life and helps you in learning the truth and finding your own answers.
It enhances and strengthens your relationship with the Divine.
Also, it further improves the connection of Who you are? thus, it will ultimately help you to float easily with healing, wisdom, and inspiration.
Provide you real and easy ways to use tools of empowerment and self-love. It makes you powerful enough to write your own piece of paper.

Clears the emotional and mental blocks that kept you stuck and it untangles the energy patterns that no longer help you.
It helps you to adopt a new, healthy and supportive life.
It enhances the belief in yourself and empowers your voice to stand up for yourself and supports you in admiring your worthiness.
Energizes your commitment to becoming whole and encourages you to take actions that will lead you to make lasting changes for your highest good.
Assuage symptoms associated with hiding your Soul Treasure and suppressing your Light.
Nurtures you and teaches you how to take care of yourself by putting yourself first.
Lastly, It is a good time for you to understand yourself better in every way possible, and overcome your personal or professional challenges. To reap the immense benefits of Soul Healing, tangle your queries with the bonafide and authentic Soul Healing Therapist near you.