Theta Healing - Redirect the flow of powerful energies

Theta Healing - Redirect the flow of powerful energies


In 1995, Vianna Stibal invented the Theta healing technique. According to her, theta healing is a method that uses focused thoughts and prayers. Our intrinsic beliefs affect the physical and emotional state of the body. Moreover, this healing technique focuses on breaking the barrier of beliefs at the subconscious level. This is done through relaxation and deep meditation.

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The science behind Theta healing

Neural oscillations continuously occur in our central nervous system. In a human brain, there are 5 major frequencies of neural oscillations.

The frequency bands are:

  1. Gamma (40–70 Hz) At this frequency we become fully awake.
  2. Beta (13–40 Hz) This frequency is in association with wakefulness.
  3. Alpha (8-13 Hz) This frequency is in association with relaxation, especially with the closing of eyes.
  4. Theta (4–8 Hz) This frequency is in association with deep meditation, and generally believes in connection with the subconscious mind.
  5. Delta (1–4 Hz) Experience during deep sleep.

The realms of consciousness vary between Gamma and Delta frequencies. As the frequencies decrease, deeper states of consciousness take place.

Whether we like it or not, theta oscillations occur to everyone on a daily basis, especially during sleep. Furthermore, it is at this stage where our body starts to transition into deep sleep mode. Also, the theta healing state is proactive in curing illnesses and disorders.

How to practice Theta healing?

The client undergoes a muscle test. There are different types of muscle tests. Some of them focus on how our body's electromagnetic field reacts to different situations and emotions. Additionally, theta healing works by challenging the beliefs and notions that we have acquired over a period of time. This is done at a subconscious level.

Also, all the concrete pillars of beliefs, disbelief, fear, faith, and willingness occur in the subconscious mind. If these pillars are meant to be broken, we need to approach our subconscious level, to question and verify the genuineness of our preconceived notions. Moreover, what we think as our limitations are in fact self-imposed.

In theta healing, unlike Reiki, the chakras or cleansing involves rarely. Also, the main intent over here is to convert all the limiting and negative beliefs to boundless positivity. In most cases, doing this on a level, where our brainwaves are at higher frequencies would yield no result at all.

In contrast, when the neural frequencies are in the theta range, it yields optimum results. Receptivity is the highest in the theta frequency. The frequency that is lower than the theta frequency is the delta frequency. Also, why don't we use the delta frequency to perform healing? At delta frequency, the body is in deep sleep. There is literally, no awareness present in this state. Furthermore, performing a delta healing would be analogous to speaking to a stone!

Therefore, theta healing, although difficult to achieve, is an ideal state to train the subconscious mind

Resolving emotional conflicts within one's mind

Most of the altercation that happens within our minds is due to our identity. Moreover, identity is instrumental in increasing ego. As our ego becomes more dominant, the probability of imagining ourselves as superior increases too. At the theta frequency, our identity simply dissolves and hence internal conflicts cease to exist.

Benefits of Theta Healing

  1.  Develops intuitive skills
  2.  Increased awareness
  3.  Enhances creativity
  4.  Removes loneliness
  5.  Better mental and emotional stability
  6.  Promotes restfulness and sleep
  7.  Reduces pain and body ache
  8.  Helps to eliminate phobias and fears
  9.  Heals minor diseases
  10.  Reduces stress and anxiety
  11.  Better connection with the subconsciousness
  12.  Certain products help in facilitating theta healing

Myths about Theta healing

Theta healing is a natural process. Moreover, there have been several instances in the past where fake products were sold under the pretext of facilitating Theta healing. People have fallen prey to scams as well. Also, once you learn the art of Theta healing, you don't need elaborate material to facilitate it.

The aim of Theta healing is to become better human beings. Theta healing helps to work at the soul, mental, physical and spiritual levels. Its objective is to help people realize that, we are all made of one creative energy and we are all connected with each other.

[P.S: Some of the data were taken from the excerpts of Vianna Stibal's interview that are easily available on the internet.]

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