Violet Flame Meditation - Ignite the fire of love in you

Violet Flame Meditation - Ignite the fire of love in you

Violet Flame Meditation has many names: Flame of Mercy, Flame of Forgiveness, Flame of Transmutation, and Flame of Freedom. Do you know violet color has the highest frequency of vibration of all colors? When red and blue combine violet is born.

What is the violet flame?

This is a sacred fire. It has the power to purify and transform negative energy and karma. The flame serves as a powerful symbol. Experts use it as imagery that serves as a catalyst for a spiritual journey.  When you use violet flame you use two things: healing property of sound and healing property of color.

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Violet encourages creativity, spiritual growth, universal love, spirituality, and innovations. This color takes you to the positive side of things, such as selflessness, divine wisdom, natural healing, and more. Practitioners associate violet color with transformation.

The color violet connects you to the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra, which is the 7th chakra of the body. Do you know violet is also the 7th ray color, which is an occult concept?

How violet flame meditation works

This type of meditation helps to open up your Heart Chakra. This is important because the chakra is associated with love, kindness, forgiveness, and other such positive emotions. According to practitioners, when we concentrate on the intention to heal and forgive the violet flame ignites in our hearts. When we focus the flame on a particular issue or situation it blazes through with love so intense that anything that comes in its path resonates in the same loving frequency. There is no choice.

The violet flame enters each cell of the body. It affects us at the cellular and atomic levels. It can create an impact on our spiritual self, subconscious self, memory, and emotions. It has the power to "dislodge" any negative energy or emotion that could be hidden somewhere deep within you. In other words, meditating upon the violet flame helps to raise you to a higher frequency where you are able to feel and spread love.

It is important to perform violet flame meditation under the supervision of a trained practitioner. This helps to maximize the benefit of the meditation session.

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