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Yoga Prana Vidya - Meditation for powerful energy shifts

Before you experience a disease, your intuition already knows about it. We all have energy fields around us. Before some illness hits our physical self, it manifests in the energy field. Therefore, you get a feeling or intuition that you are about to feel ill. The energy field contains prana or life force energy. Yoga Prana Vidya is about keeping this energy alive.

What is Yoga Prana Vidya?

This is therapy or method that balances and heals energy body. Experts also call energy body as pranamaya kosha or bio-plasmic body. Once the energy body is healed, the physical body heals automatically.

The healer, during Yoga Prana Vidya therapy, channels the energy from him or her to the patient. Healers have the power or, to be precise, have developed the power to imbibe energy from natural forms like air, Earth, trees, water, food, and the sun. They, then, direct this imbibed energy to the affected body parts of the patient.

Healing therapy utilizes energy chakras and meridians present in the body to induce healing. These are the sources of energy flow in the body. A disturbance in chakras and blockages in meridians is one of the prime reasons for all diseases to manifest.

It is wise to undergo this healing therapy under the supervision of a certified healer. Life Positive offers certified partner yoga prana vidya healers

Benefits of Yoga Prana Vidya

This alternative healing therapy utilizes knowledge of vital life force and energy body. Each physical body has an energy field around it. Once you understand how this energy field works, you can change your life for the better because then you would know what causes sickness. You would know how to ensure proper energy flow.

When negative energies affect your being you feel sick, uneasy, or lethargic. This happens due to the blockage of energy flow in the energy field. You may feel physical or emotional sickness.

Yoga Prana Vidya helps you get rid of negative energies, thus, helps you remove sickness. The healing therapy fills you with positive energy that revitalizes your being and promotes health.

Practicing Yoga Prana Vidya meditation helps to:

  • decrease stress
  • increase stamina and overall health
  • increase productivity
  • improve interpersonal relationships
  • bring peace and calmness in the mind
  • sharpen intuitive powers

Helps you develop an energetic defense

Have you ever felt the following?

  • Exhausted after conversing with a person
  • Depressed after spending time with a depressed person.
  • Disturbed after listening to statements or feelings of another person.

These are examples of how energies of the other person affect your energy field. Some people are highly sensitive to energies, while some people may feel uneasy, but fail to know the cause.

During such situations, you need to have a strong energetic defense. As a result, even if you spend time with a depressed person, you don't feel depressed yourselves. On the contrary, you can help the other person feel good by transferring your positive energy or vibes to him or her.

Yoga Prana Vidya can help you develop a strong aura or energy field so that it is hard for negativity to pierce into the field and affect you.

Do you know?

Areas where Yoga Prana Vidya meditation is done regularly undergo an amazing transformation. The atmosphere gets saturated with positivity. This is, no doubt, a powerful form of meditation. Anybody can do it. You need to have an open mind and heart and an intention of blessing the Earth and receiving the blessings yourselves.

Yoga Prana Vidya meditation works on the universal principle that says that "it is in a blessing that we are blessed."

If you wish to undergo a yoga prana vidya healing session, contact a certified healer at Life Positive.