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January 1996

It is often said that every person’s life is an unwritten novel of inspiration. So, Life Positive invites you to send in heart-warming anecdotes from your life and share those moments of epiphany with like-minded people on this message box.

Please write in English and limit your contribution to 250 words.

Sharing What People have Shared

Compassion, an Investment that never fails
It was one of those days when you don’t want to face life. My husband had been traveling like crazy. My college-going kids had no time for me. They were busy with their studies and friends.

Nine in the morning and the house looked like an empty nest. The children had left for college. I decided to go to the health club. When I was leaving the club, the otherwise reticaent peon came to me and asked for Rs 50. He wanted to go to Mata Ambaji’s temple. I promptly gave him the money.

Then I stopped on the way to buy fruits. An old man in tattered clothes who had probably seen better days was longingly looking at the fruits. I bought some for him.

My friend had organized a Ganesh puja. The drummer who was leading the procession looked emaciated. On an impulse I gave him some money, too.

It was a Thursday. I did not feel like returning to an empty house, so I went to a nearby Sai Baba temple and distributed a dozen bananas to the beggars there.

Believe me, I am not so generous or impulsive all the time, but it was as if somebody was prodding me or sitting in judgment. When I reached home I got the news that my husband had met with a terrible accident. The car was smashed beyond repair but my husband miraculously escaped, and he would be home in time for our wedding anniversary celebrations that evening.

I don’t know whose blessings helped me. But I feel a good deed goes a long way. Thank you, God.

Anu Chopra, Ahmedabad, India

Miracles of Reiki
Reiki practitioners are conversant with miracles most, of which they experience during healing sessions. Having trained thousands of reiki healers, I was amazed when Major General K. K. Sudan (retd.) approached me last year to attune him as a reiki grandmaster. For six months he kept in touch and said he would attend further sessions at an appropriate time.

Last year, spiritually awakened after a discourse by Sathya Sai Baba in Delhi, Sudan called me up. Now, he felt he was ready to be initiated. Next day Sudan was at my place. However, he wanted me to test him in reiki I and II before proceeding further. And uncannily a patient was sitting there for healing. I asked Sudan to channel reiki to the patient. Sudan closed his eyes and after nine minutes he asked the person how he felt. ‘Better,’ confirmed the patient. Even I was surprised at the improvement in his pulse rate, which I had checked before the treatment.

Later, Sudan wanted to go to quake-prone Kumaon and Garhwal ranges of Himalayan India to channel reiki so as to pacify them. Unfortunately, just before leaving he slipped and fractured three ribs and damaged his shoulder and arm. But within 10 days he was out of the hospital and on a solo motor trip to Mana cave (the last Indian village on the Indo-Chinese border). On the way, he healed 1800 people and even animals. He received extensive press coverage. I was proud that I had been instrumental in initiating him as the 10th grandmaster. Once, when I was conducting a nine-day spiritual reiki camp on the banks of the Ganges, Sudan sought permission to show a ‘miracle’ to the participants. He asked the participants to watch their hands, feet and faces in the river. Closing his eyes, he established link with the reiki cosmic energy. Even the group had to keep their eyes closed, while I monitored the proceedings. He informed the group that apart from nature they would also have visions of various religious shrines, and both dead and live relatives.

After nine minutes the participants opened their eyes and I was amazed to hear their experiences. Next morning he repeated the procedure on me. An absolutely stunning vision—I was sitting in the lap of Lord Shiva for full nine minutes!

Rajendra Kumar Ratra, New Delhi, India

September 23, 1996 began like any other day with my visit to Aashlok Hospital in New Delhi, India, to give reiki healing to the patients. But, by 11.30 a.m., my world came crashing down when my son Vaibhav, 15, was brought to the hospital and Dr Rajeev Khanna diagnosed him to be suffering from acute pancreatitis.
Vaibhav was shifted to the ICU and battled for life for two weeks. My husband, my younger son and my mother-in-law prayed as I endlessly tried all kinds of healing on him. I vividly remember my husband holding Vaibhav’s ice-cold hands and shedding silent tears. I gently asked him to surrender to the Divine and to reiki: ‘Arun, this child is God’s gift to us. If God wills that he should stay with us, no power can take him away. Let us do our best for our child and leave the rest to the Almighty.’ Dr Khanna and Dr Ashwini Chopra operated on Vaibhav and he returned home.
All seemed well till November when Vaibhav suffered repeated attacks of trachicardia and was said to be suffering from the ‘Wolf Parkinson syndrome’. An ablation procedure was advised at the Escorts Heart Center. At this time, we received news that His Holiness the Dalai Lama was visiting the Sri Ram School, in our city. With the help of some functionaries of the school, we managed to arrange for His Holiness to bless Vaibhav.
On November 18 we waited in the lobby of the school as His Holiness walked in. The warmth of his aura engulfed us as he bent down and blessed the child. Vaibhav expressed his gratitude to His Holiness. Later he told me: Mum, his hands felt ice-cold but I felt a flash of light run through my entire being, I will not need treatment anymore.
Next day Vaibhav was admitted in Escorts. At midnight he developed acute stomachache. The doctors decided he could not undergo treatment in that condition. He was brought back to Aashlok and after two days discharged in fit condition.
Since then, Vaibhav has been steadily improving with no trace of illness. My gratitude to Dr Khanna, Dr Chopra, and the staff and students of Sri Ram School. I thank reiki and the Dalai Lama for his divine love and blessings.
Priya Agarwal, New Delhi

Everything was wrong and yet it was right. My family life was disturbed and I wasn’t enjoying my work. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my life. Every day was the same, only fights and turmoil. Despite all problems, I still wanted to live. I didn’t want to give up. But how? My best friend had got married. There was no one I could share my problems with. For hours I would go through books, trying to find a solution.

One day, I sat down to read the Bhagvad Gita. From that day onwards my life changed. All of us have heard it, even followed some of its teachings, and stuck its profound quotes on our boards, in our shrines. But I understood the message of Gita so late. I couldn’t believe the Pandavas (the protagonists of the Indian epic, Mahabharata) had suffered for so many years. The scripture taught me patience, fortitude to fight my bad times. But I kept looking for my Lord Krishna.

And soon enough, I did. My Krishna was Lord Shiva. Everyday, I would worship him, follow the dictates of my soul. Miraculously, my problems seemed to shrink. Day by day, I seemed to be walking around in a protective shell, which no pain could pierce. Even today, I don’t know what gave me the faith to fight all my problems, but I know Shiva is pulling my chariot.

Sonika, Delhi, India


A book called ‘Super beings’ transformed me totally some years back. The book was about the great men who lived on earth. It touched the very core of my being. There was instant illumination and insight. In a flash of a second I knew and experienced the age old ultimate truth—love is the only answer and solution to all our pain and suffering. Love is our search and our mission. It is the antidote to unhappiness and misery. It is the elusive object of our eternal search, our quest, and that it is possible to feel love simply by forgiving. I knew then that we could make miracles happen. Suddenly I felt many times more intelligent. My mind became crystal clear. You could ask me any question, and I would have the answer. All those years I had been gasping for breath and had been unaware of it till the oxygen was given to me in abundance—and how greedily did I fill my entire being with it. In fact this spiritual oxygen literally drove out most of my negative emotions. This euphoric enlightenment, however, was short lived. After about a month I decided I wanted to be one of them—a normal human being, with all the human frailties. And sure enough I was back to being, my old self once again. Sadly, I had relinquished those insights for good.

Alka R., New Delhi, India

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