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June 2014

Life Positive

A healthy mind fills your day with happiness and positivity, and crafts a successful and productive life, whereas a confused and restless mind is the root cause of all problems in human life. Increasing work and social pressure make it more challenging to bring the mind under control. No wonder that more and more are looking for answers to life that will lead them to authentic happiness. How to resolve the many problems that beset them, how to transcend stress and anxiety are concerns everyone is engaged with. Dr. Madhu Kotiya founded Shezaim Delhi Tarot Network, for all tarot lovers and energy healers. Various services are provided to heal people from numerous health and life related issues. Among them are spiritual healings, hypnotherapy, crystal therapy, numerology, tarot healing, to name a few. In today’s hectic schedule these therapies and healings help in dealing with depression, addiction, fears and phobias, emotional traumas, physical and mental problems and also increasing concentration level. energy healing like pranic healing, reiki, angelic healing, crystal healing, candle flame healing, ancient craft healings are done at the aura level of the patient. Once the energy body is treated, the physical body also starts to heal.

Dr. Madhu  also heals animals. Tarot card reading, spiritual healing, hypnotherapy, tea cup and coffee cup reading, psychic reading, aura reading, runes reading, chakra/energy healing, crystal ball gazing, angel therapy are some of the services she provides. She laid down the foundation of “MShezaim Institute of Tarot & Divination” in year 2002. The institute conducts various courses, teaching and spreading the incomparable knowledge at an affordable cost.

Some of the courses offered are as follows:

o  Basic Course in Tarot

o Tarot as Divination tool

o Past-life Regression through Tarot

o Dream Interpretation through Tarot

o Psychic Protection

o Angel Therapy

o Crystal Therapy

o Meditations

o Manifestations


About Dr Madhu Kotiya


Dr.Madhu Kotiya, a qualified IT engineer,  entered the mystic world of Tarot in the year 1998. In the year 2002, Dr. Madhu laid the base of MShezaim Institute of Tarot and
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