Sipping on life

By Megha Bajaj

May 2014

Through all the hurly burly of life, Megha Bajaj strives to stay in touch with the inner observer which is the Self

There is this image in my head. It’s become an integral part of me. It’s not too sunny, it is not too cloudy. Just right. There are hills – surrounding a beautiful white beach with blue water – the kind that little ones draw on paper. I am just breathing into everything that is. Sitting there with the wind playing with my curls, wearing a flowing green dress, sipping on a tall glass of lemon water – spiced with mint. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Just life and me – sitting and watching each other, drinking into one another. Aha.

I know ‘real’ life looks a little different. This setting might be great for a vacation, or a honeymoon – but in a normal day we can certainly add chores, deadlines, traffic, gadgets, relationships, rollercoaster emotions, ego and what not. The great and the ugly things that make up each one of our lives. And yet, in all the noise that surrounds us – I have learnt something very important… amidst everything that comes and goes, there is a Silence, a sacredness, a detached observer that remains still. And that is, in reality, ME.

While going through a day it is so easy to get carried away with the momentum of life. It is so easy to forget. To think that the deadline – the one looming before me is real. It is so effortless to get carried away with relationships – their ebb and tide have drowned the best amongst us. Your spouse. Your parents. Your children. Friends. Life seems so full of people – and the emotions related to them. It is so easy to start calling yourself the title you hold. We have a million ways in which we lose ourselves.

Life can only be lived in two ways: Either you lose all contact with who you really are – and just waltz to the chaos happening around, or you smile and watch the chaos like you are watching a movie and remain disconnected from all of it – connected only to your true sense of self.

Amidst everything that comes and goes, there is a Silence, a sacredness, a detached observer

For most of us, we swing between the two. Losing ourselves, finding ourselves. Losing ourselves Finding ourselves. Sometimes centred – other times slack. Sometime so in touch with the Truth – sometimes completely lost in the fun-n-fair of life. I do too. However, I have found myself an anchor that is definitely tilting the balance in my favour. The moments of feeling ‘connected’ is growing – so is the sense of an inner dance of bliss and peace. How?

Somehow we take the word meditation too seriously. It must be accompanied with some mudra. A posture. A particular way
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