Spiritual lines of forces

By Life Positive

January 2013

Scientists and even some laymen know that there are magnetic lines of forces surrounding our earth.

A small experiment with the magnetic compass is enough to prove it. Similarly, there are parallel spiritual lines of forces, too encircling the planet. The following passage would prove the hypothesis.

Extremely tired from working almost 18 hours that day, I opened my bachelor pad and hit the sack. I did not even take off my shoes, or change my clothes. I was soon asleep without bothering to lock the front door. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I woke up with a start. On opening the door I found my good friend and neighbor, Naveen, standing in a disheveled state. His son was seriously ill, and needed immediate hospitalization. Naveen’s car was out of order and he was desperately looking for help. Without batting an eyelid, I dashed inside, washed my face, picked my car keys and came out in a few seconds.

Naveen’s son was straightaway taken to ICU for night-long treatment. Throughout the night, Naveen and I paced the hospital corridor, filled with worry and anxiety, until the doctor informed that the boy was out of danger. On returning home I pondered about the source of extra energy I got that night. From where did it come? After talking to my guru, Narain Swami Maharaj I came to know that there are spiritual lines of forces surrounding the earth. They offer energy for good deeds at a time when the body’s natural energy has been depleted. The energy comes only for good tasks. Had Naveen asked me to come out to beat up his enemy, most likely I would have refused and gone back to sleep. Maharajji then initiated me into meditation – a method of deep concentration that gives us the power of obtaining the energy from the spiritual lines of forces at will and for good deeds especially.

With regular meditation twice a day, and by leading a positive and spiritually correct life, each one can elevate to the level of receiving energy at will, when required. However, the moment the person gets puffed up because of his or her power, the power instantly leaves.

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