Steps for Purification

1. Body gets purified…
by remaining aerated that is consuming plenty of water and performing yogic postures.
2. Breath gets purified…
through regular practice of Nadi Shodhan ( alternate nostril ) pranayama, Mudra Pranayama and through the practice of breathing techniques like Sudarshan Kriya and Vipassana .
3. The human mind gets purified…
by regular practice of meditation and the technique of Yoga Nidra. This annihilates our Karma( Prarabdha and Sanchita Karma) .
4 Human intellect gets purified…
through Sadhana , Seva , Satsang and the acquisition of spiritual knowledge by reading inspirational literature , religious and philosophical literature.
5. Our memory gets purified…
by continued contemplation and introspection.
6. Ego gets purified…
through unflinching and relentless service to the society and the humanity. The left hand should not be aware as to what the right one is doing.
7. Our self can get purified…only by maintenance of silence. One can achieve golden silence by undertaking the Advanced Meditation Course of the Art of Living or through undertaking the Vipassana meditation technique.
8. Food can only get purified by chanting ‘Annadata Sukhi Bhava ‘ before partaking the food and blessing it. In the process we receive blessings from the farmer who produces the food. This facilitates in proper digestion of what we have eaten. We should eat more of Sattvik food and less of Rajasik and virtually no Tamasic food. Food has a tremendous impact on the mind. We should remember that it almost takes seventy two hours to digest Tamasic food. Moreover the cook should be blessed with a positive frame of mind while cooking the food as those emotions get mingled with the dishes prepared for consumption.
9. Wealth can only get purified if we undertake charity and by performing philanthropic activities.
10) Our emotions and feelings can be purified only through surrender to the Master, to the Guru and the Divine Power which encompasses us.

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