Edit speak-Success is who you are

By Suma Varughese

April 2017

Dear reader,

We are now 21. We have emerged triumphant through the turbulent years of youth and now seem destined for the calmer,

more relaxed pace of the mature adult. We could never have made it this far without your ardent support and enthusiasm. It is

the fuel that has kept us going, and given meaning to our lives. On behalf of all my colleagues, my deepest gratitude to you. May

our bond strengthen with every passing year.

Our theme for our anniversary issue is on holistic success. We have elaborated in great detail within the pages of this issue on

what it means, and how it differs from its traditional definition. But to give you a bird's eye-view of the term, what it means is

success without its shadow side. Success, as Sister Shivani put it in her brilliant interview, is mostly defined by achievement. We

say, however, that success is founded on who you are, not on what you do.

A successful person is one who has taken the trouble to know herself and has embarked on the journey of self-healing so that

he or she is no longer guided by self-interest, but rather is focussed on the whole. Such a person will ensure that success is not at

the cost of the other, society or the environment. When he wins, everyone wins.

By this parameter, it is not just the high and mighty or the rich and famous who qualify as successful. The parents who raise

happy, healthy, self-empowered children are successful, the farmers who, at great cost to themselves, continue to grow organic

food, are successful, the simple, humble villager who contentedly lives on bakhris and a chilli is successful. And yes, even Life

Positive is successful!

Enjoy the issue and may you too earn holistic success in all your endeavours.

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Col Dr Anand Swroop Paul

Positive approach is what is needed to cure ills, if any. I am regular reader of life positive and appreciate the positive vibes being spread by your efforts.

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